What is domain name registration

What is a domain registration and where can it be done?

What is a domain?

A domain is a unique contact information that can be used to find you on the Internet. It is a unique internet address on your website. And it works just like your real mailing address. One domain is, for example, www.active24.de.

Each address is unique. Identical domains with different content do not exist on the Internet. For example, if you register a domain called “www.superseite.de”, nobody but you can use it. It is the other way around. If someone uses the domain of your choice, you will have to choose a different domain name.

An own domain having it is not an expensive luxury. A domain with You can get the ending .DE from us for 6.95 EUR plus VAT per year to register.

What is a domain registration?

Domain registration is a Process that secures you your own Internet address. Nobody else will be able to use it through it. The selected address will be blocked for other interested parties as long as you pay the corresponding renewal fees. If you decide not to renew your domain, it will become available to others again.

Please note that you can only register a domain name if the name has not yet been assigned and the registration rules are adhered to.

How do I find out whether the domain of my choice is taken?

Many valuable domains have already been bought up. Therefore, always check the availability of your desired domain first before you use the name permanently, e.g. on your business cards.Go to the domain check, enter the desired domain name (without www), select the appropriate ending (e.g. DE) and you will receive suggestions for suitable free domains.

Where can I register my domain?

If you find that the domain of your choice is still available, you can request your registration directly from us. First order your domain for one year, after which you will be able to renew your registration. At the end of the year, you don't have to worry about someone else taking over your domain. We will inform you in good time about the expiry date and the need to extend it.

If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to assist you. We support you in the selection of a suitable domain and advise you on how to proceed afterwards in order to put a web presentation online.