Where can I buy NYX in Budapest

NYX Professional Makeup Matter Lipgloss - Soft Matte Metallic Lip Cream - Budapest (SMMLC04)

NYX Professional Makeup has been the star cult brand in the USA since 1999. NYX was named after the ancient Greek goddess who - like today's trendsetters - ruled the night. The decorative cosmetics line was founded in 1999 by makeup artist and young entrepreneur Toni Ko in sunny Los Angeles and has remained true to the claim to offer "the latest make-up trends and the best quality at an optimal price-performance ratio" to this day.

Declaration on cruelty-free products
We believe animals belong in our arms - not in the laboratory.

As a young and dynamic makeup brand at the forefront of today's most in-demand beauty trends, our goal is to offer high-performance cosmetic products in all hues, formulas and accessories to follow your wildest art dreams.

Compassion for sentient beings is at the core of our brand, which is why NYX Professional Makeup is PETA certified as cruelty free. This means that our products or ingredients are neither tested on animals, nor do we ask anyone to do it on our behalf.


Cruelty Free: Products (and their ingredients) are not tested on animals.

Vegan: formulas that contain no animal ingredients or by-products.

NYX Professional Makeup B.V.
Herikeberg 238,
Luna Arena 1101 CM Amsterdam Zuidoost,
The Netherlands
Supplier: L’Oréal Adria d.o.o.
Zavrtnica 17
10000 Zagreb

Country of origin: China