Is Pakistan a threat to Jordan?

Jordan Arbitrary detention for women must end

The report “Imprisoned women, stolen children: policing sex, marriage and pregnancy in Jordan” documents the danger women run when their male family members accuse them of evading guardianship or of having a sexual relationship without being married. These women face imprisonment or humiliating virginity tests. Unmarried women who become pregnant can be forced to give away their child immediately after birth.

Unmarried mothers and women who evade male guardianship can be arrested.

“The Jordanian government must finally end these terrible human rights violations that Jordanian women's organizations have denounced for decades. First and foremost, provincial governors must stop overzealous use of arrest powers. The discriminatory guardianship law, which provides for the imprisonment of women if they withdraw from the guardianship of a male family member, must be abolished, ”says Heba Morayef, regional director for the Middle East and North Africa.

“In recent years, the government has initiated some important reforms to tackle gender-based violence. Among other things, the women's refuge 'Dar Amneh' was set up. But now we must finally put an end to the fact that women are imprisoned and mistreated just because they do not obey their male guardian or do not comply with gender norms. "

Amnesty International interviewed a total of 121 people between June 2018 and October 2019 to prepare this report. Amnesty also spoke to ten government officials in February 2019 and presented the research results to the Prime Minister.

In prison for rebelling against male guardianship