What is the full form of NTF

Wulfmeyer NTF: elegant in design, tough - a floor covering, developed to meet specific requirements for aviation, sets standards as an industrial standard

In the production of textile-free floor coverings (NTF - Non Textile Floor) for aviation, the sandwich system based on the Wulfmeyer process, which combines light materials in a highly functional manner, has been established worldwide as an industrial standard and has set industry-wide standards. According to the Wulfmeyer process, NTF occupies a leading position in the initial equipment as well as in the retrofitting of aircraft from all manufacturers and airlines.

Against this manufacturing background, Wulfmeyer processes a large number of NTF top layer designs and laminates from leading global companies in a specially developed joining and lamination process.

The end product is available in various plate sizes that are tailored to your needs. In addition to the design quality and durability, the NTF system proves to be highly effective as a protection against corrosion - not least due to the almost completely overcome shrinkage of the top layer. Welded seams and silicone seals remain stable for much longer than conventional methods. In addition, the Wulfmeyer system is exemplary in reducing the blistering of NTF. NTF according to the Wulfmeyer process meet all safety regulations of both the aviation expert and the authorities (ABD0031 and FAR 25.853).

NTF according to the Wulfmeyer process:

The »Wulfmeyer process« represents a special »sandwich system« for NTF with effective corrosion prevention

  1. NTF surface layer
  2. Adhesive layer (Wulfmeyer process)
  3. Composite
  4. Moisture barrier film
  5. Floor pan

»Wear-resistant«: Floor coverings in aircraft require a complex and demanding property profile. Robust materials, solid workmanship and a lasting aesthetic appearance must not be mutually exclusive. Wulfmeyer-NTF stands for

  • Corrosion protection of the floor panels
  • Longer service life and reduced operating costs
  • No or significantly reduced wave formation and bubble formation / compensation of uneven floors (crew & passenger safety, aesthetics)
  • Huge selection of NTF top layer designs
  • Most Wulfmeyer NTF P / N‘s are available with EASA Form One documentation

Carpet backing materials:

High-quality carpets and NTF are a matter of course for air travelers. They are rarely aware of the role that lightweight materials such as foams play in the quality of the flight experience. Foam-reinforced carpets provide a comfortable walking experience while at the same time meeting the enormous physical profile requirements and the strict regulations of the aviation industry.

All current PVC materials are suitable in various structures and designs for processing in the Wulfmeyer process. Here is a selection of design examples:

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