Can a BA student take a tally course

The triple career interview on the Fashion and Design Management (B.A.) course at AMD

Why did you decide to study fashion and design management?

When I was a little kid I wanted to be a fashion designer, but over time I realized that I was interested in the whole process - from design to sales. So I was lucky enough to know which direction to go and I feel confirmed in my decision every day.

What is the relationship between creativity, theory and practice in your degree program?

The creative part is very high, especially at the beginning of the course - and that is exactly what makes the course so versatile. In the fashion industry, it is not only the design process that is creative, but also the generation and implementation of ideas for campaigns, collaborations or the design of sales areas or showrooms.

How helpful are the lecturers' professional insights behind the scenes?

The professional experience is very fortunate for us students. Theoretical processes and cases can often be clarified. Lectures become more practical and interesting. In addition, the experiences cannot be read anywhere and are a little extra to study. The network of lecturers also gives us the opportunity to work directly with companies. We recently worked on a new concept with Tally Weijl.