What are incense sticks used for?

What incense sticks have to do with brain fitness

While incense sticks and their different scents are part of the culture in Asia, in Europe they are mainly used to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The direction of the fragrance is primarily selected according to personal taste. However, it is often unknown that the scents of incense sticks can also be used specifically to promote health and wellbeing.

Fragrances keep you young and active

Scents stimulate brain activity and thereby promote well-being and activity. In experiments carried out by the Dresden University Hospital with test subjects between 50 and 84 years of age, it was found that fragrances can significantly improve cognitive abilities. For example, one group had to solve Sudokus every day for 3 months, while the other group could simply smell them.

The result is astonishing: While the Sudoku players did not notice any significant cognitive changes, the scented test subjects could not only find each other better express verbally than before but they also felt the cut by 6 yearsyounger!

Against the background that the ability to smell decreases with age, one should therefore use it as a precaution Hold your nose and mind Sniff 5-10 different fragrances every day. Why not use incense sticks that offer a wide range of scents?

Fragrances influence mood and well-being

Fragrances influence our emotional world and our well-being more than we are aware of. Because they act directly on the oldest part of the brain that controls emotions. Fragrances can, for example, awaken long-forgotten memories and influence us through them. The scent of vanilla reminiscent of grandma's custard or Rose scent of the garden in childhood. incense Its fragrance has a stimulating and calming effect on the brain and reduces anxiety and depression.

The scent of sandalwood on the other hand, it has an aphrodisiac effect, relieves nervousness and strengthens self-confidence. Linalool, the ingredient of lavender, has a similar sleep-promoting effect as Valium. Everyone knows the old home remedy for insomnia, to put a lavender pillow under the pillow.

Find the right incense stick scent

Which fragrance is the right one? Either you just take the scent you like or the scent you want to benefit from. A distinction must be made between wooden fragrances such as aloe wood, cedar and sandalwood, herbal fragrances such as cinnamon, clove and anise, animal fragrances such as musk and other fragrances such as jasmine, lavender, incense, patchouli, rose, vanilla or ylang ylang.

To find the right fragrance, it is worth trying something around. Incense sample sets are ideal for this, as they allow an impression of many fragrances. Here is a selection of incense sticks:

  • Sandalwood: soft, sweet, woody aroma. Very fine wood that must be over 30 years old and is very expensive. Sandalwood stimulates creative powers, has a euphoric effect and is balm for the soul.
  • Cinnamon: spicy fragrance reminiscent of Christmas. It is the dried bark of the camphor tree. Also known as a herbal remedy for stomach discomfort, fever and pain. Conveys emotional warmth and security, relieves mental tension and hardening.
  • Cedar: woody odor. It is a very old smoking ingredient that was used in almost all cultures. Deepens breathing, helps to relieve tightness and fear, stabilizing, balancing, strengthening and warming.
  • Frankincense (Olibanum): sweet, resinous smell. One of the most popular and well-known incense products worldwide. Burned primarily for purification, sanctification, and protection. Spreads a sacred atmosphere and promotes visions.
  • Lavender: bitter scent with calming effect. Has a balancing, relaxing and invigorating effect. It strengthens the nerves, relieves headaches and promotes sleep. In addition, lavender brings balance to body and soul.


Incense sticks are much more than just a pleasant scent - their aroma keeps you young and active and influences your mood and well-being.