What a late Roman Republican politician Trump is

Post-Populism and Democracy in the USA

The research journal is dedicated to questions of democratization, social science movement research and political sociology. The focus is on the interdisciplinary approach to the 'soft side' of institutional change in society. The entire range of actor constellations in the political arena is addressed as well as the civil society conflict areas of social movements, associations and parties. The research journal sheds light on these topics from a scientific and political point of view in order to bring science and politics into dialogue.

Permanent sections such as “Current Analysis”, “Pulsschlag” with its brief analyzes, reviews of “Literature”, the “ipb observes” section managed by the Institute for Protest and Movement Research and an online section with supplementary original articles on the company's own homepage Magazines complete the offer.

The publisher and editorial team also offer a newsletter for the magazine. All complete issues of the research journal that are more than 5 years old since it was founded in 1988 are also available free of charge on the journal's homepage: http://forschungsjournal.de/

What do we want?
The research journal sees itself as a platform for civil society research and democracy debates with a special focus on social movements. The political sociology of civil society actors is analyzed in all its breadth (associations, networks, movements, foundations ...). Questions of engagement and democracy politics are discussed normatively and analytically. European and international contexts are also analyzed against this background

Who are we?
The research journal Social Movements was founded in Bonn in 1988 as "Research Journal New Social Movements" and will be published from 2011 under the new title: "Research Journal Social Movements. Analyzes of Democracy and Civil Society".

After initially two years of self-publishing and four years of collaboration with the Marburger Schüren Verlag, the journal was published from 1994 to 1999 by Westdeutscher Verlag, then by Lucius & Lucius. We have been working with the De Gruyter publishing house since January 2016.

The publishers, the editorial staff and the online editorial team of the research journal as well as all other employees, like our online administrator Regina Vierkant, our caricaturist Gerhard Mester and our graphic artist Nina Faber, are mostly volunteers for the journal! This also applies to all authors!

The journal is published by PD Dr. Ansgar Klein (Berlin), Jupp Legrand (Wiesbaden) and PD Dr. Jochen Roose (Berlin) and Moritz Sommer (Berlin).

An advisory board is available to advise the magazine.

You can order the journal either with an annual subscription or as a single issue (€ [D] 27.00 plus shipping costs (price valid for 2020)) by email to: [email protected]