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12. Snooker after a foul

If the cue ball is snookered after a foul, the referee shall announce FREE BALL (see 2.17.).

  1. If the next player's turn chooses to play the next stroke,
    1. so he can nominate any ball as a ball on, but a free ball cannot actually be the ball on.
    2. the nominated ball is considered the ball on and receives its point value, but is put back on / spotted after it has been potted.
  2. A foul is committed when the cue ball
    1. does not hit the nominated ball first or does not hit the nominated ball at the same time as the ball on first.
    2. from the nominated free ball to all reds or the ball on, except for pink and black, the only remaining object balls are on the table.
  3. If a free ball is potted, it is placed / spotted and the point value of the ball on is added to the score.
  4. If the ball is potted after the cue ball has first touched the nominated ball or first the nominated ball and the ball on at the same time, the point value of the ball on is added to the score and remains off the table.
  5. If the nominated ball and the ball on are potted in one shot, only the points of the ball on count and the free ball is put back on / spotted. If the ball was on red, all potted balls are counted.
  6. If the player who committed the foul is asked to continue playing, the free ball decision will be void.

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