Who is your favorite author in the programming book

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Go on a discovery tour through Chinese and Japanese literature and maybe you will find your future favorite book!

Sophie, 17th

My favorite author is called Keigo Higashino. He was born in Japan in 1958. He is very well known and very popular in Japan because he has written many crime novels. His crime novels are very good, which is why he has already received many awards. His book After school won the 31st Edogawa Rampo Prize. After that, his books became popular in Japan. In 2006 he did his crime thriller The devotion of the murderer X got the Naoki Prize. The book was published in several editions and you can also see the film and a series for this crime thriller today. The plot is very exciting and especially the ending is just amazing. The Devotion of the murderer X is one of my favorite books and I recommend reading it.

Chris, 17

My favorite writer is Lao She (1899-1966). He is a Chinese author who has written many short stories. The stories are about poor people in China. It is mainly about life in China between 1920 and 1950. A life that was often hard and sad. Because Lao She is a normal Chinese himself, he can write “real” stories. His most famous story is called Luo Tuo Xiang Zi. Xiang Zi was a rickshaw driver in Beijing. He dreams of having a good life one day, but he cannot achieve it. The story has a very sad ending. That's why I like Lao She because his lyrics move and we can feel what people are feeling in the stories.

The texts were created as part of a small literature project in German class. Together with the Kulturweit volunteer Franziska Oppel, the B1 students of No. 42 High School entered the world of books. A wide variety of aspects were dealt with in three teaching units: different book genres, famous German authors and their works, but also the commercial side of the literature market based on a newspaper article about the Frankfurt Book Fair. After discussing the principle of an author biography, the students wrote small contributions about their favorite writers themselves.