How do I dissolve sand

Remove soil deposits from the sewer pipe

Contribution from Tiberius ┬╗Feb 27, 2019, 1:52 pm

Hello everybody,

The following (currently not yet urgent) problem: The rainwater from our yard and the front roof of the barn runs into a drain in the yard and from there under the front part of the barn through an old clay pipe in the ground. The rear part of the barn has a cellar, so the water flows there through a sewer pipe hanging from the cellar ceiling, at the back through the barn wall into an underground pipe, under the garden and then into a stream. In the course of redesigning the garden, I completely renewed the part of the pipe running in the basement and through the garden. I noticed that some sand and earth had deposited in the clay pipe over the years. It's not clogged yet, the water still drains off well, but now I could just have a good time to clean it. As far as I could get with my hands, I got everything out and it went very well. It was actually just loose earth and sand, no roots or anything like that. The pipe is about 8m long. Are there any ways to just flush something out? A normal garden hose with a syringe attachment is unfortunately not enough, unfortunately I do not have a high-pressure cleaner. Amazon has things like the GullyWolf from Westfalia or the Drain Tornado, probably identical in construction, from the Mannesmann brothers Link to Amazon, but the ratings are not great. Does anyone with such experience or other tips on how I can flush the stuff out?
Thank you in advance for your support.
Best wishes