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Boltzmann constant

The Boltzmann constant kB. is one of the fundamental natural constants; it is defined as the quotient of energy E and temperature T. In the law for ideal gases it appears as a constant of proportionality via the following relationship:

pV = N kB. T.


Current value:

Boltzmann constant [3]
Symbols:kB. or just k
Value: 1.380 649 x 10-23J K-1 (Joule / Kelvin)
Standard deviation: exactly 
Relative standard deviation: exactly
Presentation: 1.380649 x 10-23J K-1
Exact value in the SI system:1.380649 x 10-23J K-1


Older values:

Boltzmann constant
CODATA 2014: 1.38064852 (79) x 10-23J K-1


Relationships with other sizes

Conversion to electron volts per Kelvin (eV / K)
Value: 8.617 3303 x 10-5eV K-1
Standard deviation: 0.000 0050 x 10-5eV K-1
Relative standard deviation: 5.7 x 10-7
Presentation: 8.6173303 (50) x 10-5eV K-1


Sources and further information

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[2] - CODATA:
Boltzmann Constant.
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[3] - David B Newell et al .:
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