How addicting your smartphone is

When the smartphone is addicting

When the smartphone is addicting

Smartphone, -s (n., From English) - a mobile phone with numerous additional functions

addicted - so that someone always wants more of something and can no longer live without it (noun: addiction)

Medium, media (n.) - here: the electronic means with which one can perceive something and pass on information

constantly - always

Companion (male) - here: someone / something that is with you

chat (from English) - Conversing on the Internet by writing to one another

to attach something to something - here: to consider something to be the cause of something

Media pedagogue - a scientist who studies the importance of media in education

Effect, -en (f.) - the effect that follows something; the consequence; the effect

Effect, -e (m.) - the effect; the consequence

to trigger something - be the reason for something

Intoxication (m., Singular only) - here: the state in which you feel particularly happy and cannot think clearly and which is usually caused by drugs

Behavior therapy, -n (f.) - psychological treatment for behavioral problems

to find something back | - have something back; get back an old state

Consumption (m., Singular only) - the use of something

omnipresent - always and everywhere there

reduce something - here: do a little less

give up something - not using something voluntarily

to knock something out - here colloquial for: defeat something

to create something - here: decide how something should be