How can I get cats to love me

The cat as a sleep-robber

Many cat owners do not need an alarm clock at all, because their cat is ready to wake them up early in the morning - even if it is still the middle of the night. If the bedroom door is open, the cat may sit down next to you and nudge you. When the door is closed, things really get going: People meow, scratch and jump to the door until the person finally gets up.

Some cat owners simply accept this out of love for the house tiger, get up and fulfill the cat's wish. But it doesn't have to be. After all, it disrupts the sleep we need to recover. You can therefore try to get your cat used to letting you sleep in.

Why do cats wake up their humans?

There isn't one solution that will prevent your cat from waking you up at night. That's because the Causes of the nocturnal restlessness can be as diverse as the cat's habits. It is therefore important to find out the reason why your cat wants to get you to stand in the first place:

  • Is the cat bored or lonely and wants yours? Attention?
  • Has the cat Hunger?
  • Is the cat an outdoor cat and would like to out or in?
  • The cat would like to sleep in bed with you and not be "locked out"?

Depending on the cause, the solutions are different.

1. The cat is bored

The solution to the causes of hunger and boredom are relatively close together. To do this, one should first consider how it actually comes about:

The natural daily routine of a cat is “chase-eat-sleep-chase-eat-sleep” etc. So cats eat several times a day and there are always in between both rest and activity phases.

With house cats, however, these processes get mixed up because they have to be adapt to people's daily routine:

  • If a person is at work during the day, an indoor cat only has it few opportunities to exercise and exercise.
  • The cat no longer has to hunt for food either, because either the dry food bowl is constantly full or it has to wait until its human comes home and feeds it.

Accordingly, domestic cats often spend most of the day to rest or to sleep. When the person comes home, the cat gets its food, there is probably a bit of play and then it often goes to the couch to cuddle and relax.

For humans this is exactly the right thing after a day's work, but the cat still has pent-up energy that has to go out at some point. And that often happens at night when a person wants to sleep. The cat wants to be kept busy and therefore seeks human attention.

Your cat will no longer wake you up out of boredom

To avoid your cat waking you up at night because he wants to be kept busy, you should make sure that he can work out during the day. Plan several game rounds daily a. Provide the cat with additional employment opportunities, which she also does without her can use.

Particularly important is a extensive play unit just before going to bed. Then give your cat something to eat again. Then the cat will first clean itself extensively and then finally fall asleep exhausted.

If your cat is really lonely, consider getting a second cat. So the cat has a fellow that it can deal with in addition to you.

2. The cat is hungry

If the cat's nocturnal disturbance is caused by hunger, the solution is almost the same as for "boredom":

Play extensively with your cat just before you go to bed and then give it some more food. The cat is then exhausted and full and will also go to sleep.

Additionally can the following measures help:

  1. Offer your cat not all day long access to the constantly filled food bowl at. Run fixed feeding times one (several times a day at an interval of no more than 8 hours). Your cat will then get used to the fact that after the last feeding in the evening there is no food again until the next morning. If your cat is used to a constantly full dry food bowl, put it down slowly from.
  2. You can give the cat one small night feed ration available in case they can't stand the nightly hunger. Don't just offer her the food in a bowl, but in one Intelligence toys, a sniffing pillow or a fiddling board. So the cat is busy right away and will lie down again after eating.
  3. Avoid the cat to feed immediately after getting upbut wait a bit and, for example, get ready first. Otherwise, the cat may associate getting up directly with being fed, and waking up is of course the only logical step from the cat's point of view.
If your cat does try to wake you up, the most important thing is to persevere and ignore it! Do not pay attention to the cat at all, neither by giving in to its wishes, nor by yelling at it or the like. This can take a few weeks, but at some point the cat will understand that its behavior is not productive.

3. The cat wants to be let out or in

If you have someone outdoors who often decides in the middle of the night to want to get in or out and therefore wake you up, a cat flap is a good problem solver. There are cat flaps that only react to a specific cat and open up only to your cat. The cat can then decide for itself when it wants to go out or in and does not have to wake you up every time.

Some cats really want to go outside before humans go to bed. A few hours later, however, they decide to sleep inside - every day. In such a case you can try to see if the cat will do something not letting them go outside before going to bed, or they to be brought in beforehand.

4. The cat wants to go into the bedroom

Most cats hate closed doors. Especially in rooms that you are actually allowed to enter. In some cat households it is the case that the cat is allowed into the bedroom during the day, but the owner wants to be quiet at night. Of course, cats cannot understand why they are sometimes allowed into the bedroom and sometimes not. Hence, you should opt for a rule and consistently maintain these: Either the cat is not allowed into the bedroom at all or at night too.