Well worth buying Fallout 4

Fallout 4 in the test: is it worth buying?

The long wait is over: With Fallout 4, one of the most anticipated games of the year is finally officially available in stores for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. But does the title really live up to the high expectations and is it worth buying? You can find a selection of ratings from German and international magazines here.

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PC Games - 88%

In the PC Games test, Fallout 4 was rated for 88% fun. The conclusion of tester Felix Schütz: "First-class successor, but of all things with story and decisions weak". In the end, Fallout 4 was of course still a great game. In the age of The Witcher 3 and Co. he would have expected a little more from Fallout 4.

There were plus points for the very large game world, the fast shooter fights, the many good side quests, the friendly companions and the large scope. In addition to the main story, there were deductions for too few quest decisions, frequent loading times and stiff faces.

GameStar - 87/100

In the GameStar test, Fallout 4 got a rating of 87/100. The conclusion here: "End times role-playing game with a large, atmospheric world, but less bizarre stories than its predecessor".

The title scored points here, among other things, with its credible world design, the very good German dubbing, the diverse crafting, the varied character development and the extensive range of weapons and armaments. There were deductions, among other things, for the strongly fluctuating difficulty, cumbersome menus / building mode as well as story and side quests that do not exhaust the potential of the scenario.

Gamesworld - 9.0 / 10

In the Gameswelt test, Fallout 4 received a proud rating of 9/10. The conclusion of tester Andreas Philipp: All in all, Fallout 4 is again a great excursion into the end times with a detailed, atmospherically harmonious game world, a decent story and sophisticated game mechanics.

There were plus points here for the good German dubbing, tons of equipment, the proper craft system, the very extensive skill system, the settlement construction and the moral decisions. Among other things, it was criticized that the inventory can become very confusing, there are several loading times in a row for some quests, the stiff animations and some quite generic side quests.

Further ratings at a glance

  • IGN - 9.5 / 10: "The world, discoveries, crafting, atmosphere and the story of Fallout 4 are the core pieces of this extremely successful role-playing game."
  • GamersGlobal - 95/10: "Fallout 4 meets my expectations, and I can't wait to sink further into the game world!"
  • 4players - 90/100: “Fallout 4 makes me sink and sink until tiredness forces me to bed. The pull of this end time is almost eerie. "
  • GameTrailers - 9.0 / 10: "Fallout 4 has some serious flaws, but it's still the only thing we want to do."
  • GameSpot - 9/10: "Fallout 4 is an argument that content is more important than looks, and an excellent addition to this revered open world franchise."
  • Netzwelt - 9/10: "Although the framework is a little irrelevant and some NPCs don't look particularly nice, the role-playing game knows how to inspire with its incredibly detailed and believable world."
  • Game tips - 90/10: “An extensive role play in a fascinating post-apocalytptic world. Finally back to the wasteland! "
  • gamona - 8/10: "An extremely good game with extremely annoying quirks and questionable changes to the Fallout franchise."
  • Shacknews - 8/10: "Fallout 4 is more Fallout in a nutshell".
  • CheatCodeCentral - 3.4 / 5: "Fallout 4 will give players who are looking for a prettier Fallout 3, well-known game fun, but it could and should have been very, very much better."