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Sally's world

✔ Choose from over 1000 different recipes for baking and cooking
✔ Get your portion of inspiration and entertainment from Sally's world
✔ Increase your skills in the kitchen with tips and simple instructions
✔ Calculate the quantities for your portions
✔ Save your favorites and find them again with one click
✔ Filter into vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free recipe suggestions
✔ Get to the shop with just one click
✔ Put recipes on your shopping list

Do you love to bake, cook or just get new inspiration for your everyday creations? Sally's app not only makes this easier for you by combining blog, shop and step-by-step videos, but also integrates ingenious features. Have the latest recipes at a glance, save your favorite recipes or those that will become there, calculate the portions you really need, put the ingredients of the entire recipe on your shopping list and secure the benefits of your Bosch Home Connect oven.

With Sally's app, even the youngest of our community bake to the level of our biggest baking fanatics. Through various categories from A to Z you can easily find what your palate desires: sweet delicacies or hearty dishes, theme-based recipes with or without a rainbow, seasonal and international delicacies as well as the most stylish beverage creations for your next celebration.

Tailored to your diet, or if you want to cook vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, you simply tick the filter and get Sally's best recipes for this too. Forgot something when shopping? It does not work! Favorite the recipes you want to copy and place them on the shopping list of the Sally app with one click.

And now let yourself be inspired by Sally's world.