Why do we talk

Why we like to talk about others

Why we like to talk about others

Ruf (m., Singular only) - here: the opinion that people have of someone / something; general reputation

unpleasant - not pleasant; here: embarrassing; so that you don't feel good because something has happened

to | give something - here: to say that one is doing something that is not good

blaspheme - talk badly about someone

morally - so that it is about what is good and right

Understanding (n., Singular only) - here: the opinion

Bullying (n., Singular only) - the deliberate mistreatment of a person e.g. B. by several work colleagues or classmates

Sequence, -n (f.) - here: the consequence

makes sense - so that something has a purpose; so that something has advantages

Gossip (noun, singular only) - colloquial for: the (bad) talk about someone or something (verb: gossip)

potentially - possible

Cooperation partner - someone to work with

to stay away from someone - do not want to have contact with anyone

to take someone in - here: recognize someone as a member of a group

Study, -n (f.) - here: the scientific investigation on a specific topic

each other - each other; one to the other

Toys (plural only) - the toy

Reputation, -en (f.) - the reputation a person has in public

be in our hands - depend on us