What is a keyboardist


In normal parlance, the term keyboard is generally used for electronic keyboard instruments. The reason for this is probably the versatility and the very large range. Here we give you an overview!


With this type of keyboard, the focus is on having fun making music, and you don't have to be a “trained” keyboardist to play music with a portable keyboard. In return, the portable keyboards not only have built-in speakers, but also a lot of “professionally” arranged music ex works, which can then be more or less influenced. This enables automatic accompaniment, which is a central component of all portable keyboards.

The automatic accompaniment is basically a pattern sequencer, and developed from the drum computer. In the beginning these were rather unusual and bizarre constellations, but for the first time they made it possible for a single organist to sound like a whole band.

There are now portable keyboards in a wide variety of price ranges, from 50 euro department store items to entry-level instruments to workstations for solo entertainers, which are in no way inferior to their professional workstation counterparts. The standard also includes built-in effects, playing aids for pitch bend and modulation as well as programming, storage and expansion options as well as sampling options.