How do I secure my WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp: Export chat and transfer it to a new mobile phone - this is how it works

If you get a new cell phone, you will of course want to take all previous settings with you. We'll show you how to export your chats from WhatsApp and transfer them to a new mobile phone.

When exporting, you decide whether you only want to save the messages or also all pictures and videos from the corresponding conversation history. The export works easily if you switch within the same operating system.

If you switch from Android to iOS or vice versa, the chat history can only be transferred to a very limited extent. In this case we will help you here:

Instructions for Android

To transfer all of your WhatsApp data from one Android phone to another, connect your old smartphone to a computer using a USB cable. Find the WhatsApp folder in the internal storage and copy the contents. Paste all files into the appropriate folder on your new device. You should now find all the conversations that you had.

If you want to export your chats so that you can find all previous messages on a new smartphone, you can alternatively use the restore from a WhatsApp backup. How to set up the backup:


  1. Open WhatsApp on your previous device.
  2. Head to the settings and go to the section Chats on.
  3. Switch to the area Chat backup.
  4. Tap To back up. A backup will be saved in Google Drive. WhatsApp uses the Google account that is activated on the Android device for this.
  5. Now you install WhatsApp on the new mobile phone. Log in with the same phone number as on the old device.
  6. WhatsApp will automatically recognize the backup created. Confirm the query to set up the content.
  7. Your old WhatsApp account will now be set up on the new mobile phone and all saved chats will be transferred.

Transfer WhatsApp chat on iPhone

With the iPhone, the data can also be backed up. Here iCloud is used with the Apple ID instead of the Google service. To do this, you first leave WhatsApp and go to the iPhone settings. Check the section iCloudwhether the service is activated for you. over iCloud Drive you activate the backup of WhatsApp. Now switch back to WhatsApp:

  1. Now open the settings of the messenger.
  2. In the section Chats you will find the overview of the chat backups. To transfer the current status of the conversations, tap on Create backup now.
  3. Now take your new iPhone in your hand and install WhatsApp.
  4. If you log in with your previous phone number, i.e. your WhatsApp account, the backup is automatically recognized in the iCloud and the iPhone is transferred after your confirmation.
  5. In the chat overview you will now find all the conversations that have been held so far.

For a long time, WhatsApp made it possible to download and archive chats as text files. At the beginning of 2020, however, the function was deactivated in Germany. The reason for this is a decision by the Munich Regional Court as a result of a patent dispute with the US manufacturer Blackberry. It is unknown whether chat export will be available again after an agreement has been reached.