Why is reading comprehension an important skill

Understanding the text

Text comprehension is indicative of the ability with which we can read and understand a text at the same time. In this way it is possible for us to establish a connection, a context between individual loose words and sentences. The Understanding of the text let's start very early to learn in school. However, some children have problems understanding textual content. One reason for this may be a lack of interest and the resulting exercise, another cause may be deficits in working memory.

Promote text comprehension

Up to 2nd classAccording to scientists and educators, a superficial understanding of the text is still normal, but after that the child should begin to understand the content of the text. If this is not the case, it is important to promote understanding of the text. Understanding reading is often underestimated, but it is important advantages with itself, like:

  • The vocabulary is growing
  • General education increases
  • The imagination is stimulated
  • The concentration improves

It is of course advisable to improve understanding of the text Practice reading. Another very effective option is one Working memory training. It is responsible for the recording, processing and storage of all current information and thus plays a very important role in reading and understanding text. Numerous studies have already proven that targeted memory training can lead to improvements in the concentration, in the Reading comprehension and Numeracy leads.

Practice text comprehension on NeuroNation

Both children and adults can develop mental fitness on NeuroNation. With the over 60 memory exercises the program improves skills such as text comprehension, logic, numerical comprehension, concentration and memory. With the 7With language exercises / language games, the vocabulary can be expanded in a targeted manner. The brain training is based on the latest findings from successful studies and is developed and checked with neuropsychologists. You and your child are welcome to test the training.