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When a company wants to inform potential customers of a new product or raise awareness of an existing product, it needs to determine who wants the product, how much they are willing to pay for it, and what consumers see as its best features. P.

Product marketing enables companies to test new releases to a smaller audience before opening them to the public. For example, if a small business owner wants to bring a new soap to market based on an old family formula, she can determine the most effective marketing methods by first doing a research.

She could offer the soap to different sections of the population, at different prices and with different types of packaging in a small test market in order to find the combination that leads to the best sales. With this information, the business owner can be more confident in spreading the soap.

A product marketing campaign is more than just advertising. It comprises several steps from research to market launch. Before running campaigns, marketers must first understand the product being offered, its key features, and the cost of production.

Given the previous example of a new line of soap, a small business owner might first ask important questions about the properties of the soap. How does it smell How does it feel? How much does it cost to do?

She can then research who is interested in the soap and why. This can take the form of a small table or a stand that is set up at a bathing goods fair. The owner can create a standardized questionnaire that he sends to each test participant about his or her experiences.

At the same time, he can take notes on each participant's reaction to the product. By gathering this real-world information, the business owner has a basis for the later stages of advertising, targeting specific potential customers and setting the final price for the product.

If our entrepreneurs find that women between the ages of 19 and 40 respond most positively to the product overall, this target group should be addressed in the advertising campaigns. Product marketing also determines what price would make the product most profitable by potentially creating more expensive “luxury” products alongside a lower cost “bargain” line.

A product can be advertised and sold with a demographic target group, preferred features and a certain preferred price.

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Practical example

For example, despite the challenges facing the industry, Nintendo employed a successful product marketing strategy to position itself in the minds of American video game gamers. The company conducted market research to first determine who its key customers were and released the NES in New York City.

It also collected data on who bought their product and why. With this information, Nintendo's marketing team created the visual aesthetics and advertising that would accompany the NES when it was released across the United States.

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