How to recover from ghosting

Can ghosting be fixed? Here comes the app to contact you

The dating app giant is reinventing itself: in addition to the usual premise of "making a match", it now has an assistant who fetches the "disappeared". Let's try to understand something

It's was born as a Tinder idea to make this already less demoralizing very sad 2021-2022. Started to coincide with the party from HalloweenWith YourBoo, people who have found and left can be saved from the abyss. But let's go alright.

Everything starts with one of the Problems This can happen once you start using it Dating chat. One of the most widespread phenomena is ghosting. H. Removing from the other person by simply disappearing, generally stopping to reply to messages or the phone. Particularly common among people who use dating apps, it may actually occur in people in "real life" as it is known.

What is ghosting?

Let's analyze it without drawing moral implications. Do Ghosting it means chatting, calling, writing to someone, being interested, telling each other, giving compliments and life pills, texting, writing and looking for each other, maybe meeting once ... and then disappear. Poof, out of nowhere Delete all links and delete it from the app used, block it in social networks and cancel all conversations and shares that have taken place up to this point. In one word, disappear. Like the best relationship killers. Without any trace.

Get ghostingcan you imagine what that means. A unfortunate cauldron from a feeling of helplessness, shame, frustration, disenchantment. We talked about this in more detail in the following article:


Ghosting Really Hurts: How to Respond to Those Who Go Away

We come to the considerations ethically and intellectuals of the matter. Those who have ghosted images know very well that they are wrong. A part of their conscience that is still compassionate knows how much it is misery, illusory and manipulative. The Ghosts he simply decides to ignore every contact in the network in advance, or, worse, he realizes that he has tried something strong and destroys itself convince yourself that "people known on the Internet have worth less".

This thought, repeated by friends, colleagues and relatives, creates a sense of inadequacy meeting someone online which leads to people spending time doing it Dating app for no particular reason other than that dictated by boredom and the satisfying feeling of which we are capable manipulate others.

Receive and Spirit

Says F., registered with Tinder from 2021-2022.
"We'd been texting for about three weeks, going from Tinder to Whatsapp in a matter of days, and then telling each other about our lives, preferences, and experiences. In short, we usually talked for 10-15 hours a day. Sometimes we spent the little hours talking on the phone and sending several selfies. I had already met people online with whom nothing was closed, but with him I felt a certain chemistry, an alchemy only ours regulated by a constant curiosity (... ) we agreed to meet on a Saturday afternoon in August. Of course it never came. While I called him, he blocked my number, my Instagram and deleted the link on Tinder ... within 4 minutes it vanished into the air while I was waiting for the tram to go home with my morals under my shoes, it was like walking down the stairs in the dark and believe that there is still a step ... the foot falls into the void, traumatized and still mindful of the feeling of precariousness that the phantom step had created in my head "

To be spooky is painful and demoralizing you have the feeling of having built a castle out of candy and watching it melt like chocolate in the sun. You feel cheated intellectual abilitiesYou hate yourself a little for believing in a perfectly constructed lie. Sometimes you risk losing a little sunshine and good confidence in the next.

Next F..
"I was ghosted in the beginning. It was the first time I've used dating apps, but I've never gone so far as to meet someone without showing up. I chatted with guys and gave them my Instagram account, just to get followers. " then i disappeared. I think I did it mainly because the conversation didn't appeal to me, but I didn't want to tell the man on duty that I didn't like him without giving him a detailed explanation. Of course, I felt bad, a little mean and superficial, but it wasn't until I got a few ghosting images that I realized how much it could actually hurt ... the total and hasty shutdown of all communications sets any rational explanation on a drastic note. "

Who does ghosting or Semi-ghosting - that is, those who practice temporary disappearances - most of the time they have no evil or malevolent intentions, they are simply moved by feelings of negligence and indifference of what are the emotions of others. They take it for granted precisely because that Online knowledge They are more volatile and immediateEven their deaths can be quick and silent and quickly forgotten like an apple core in the trash.

ItsYourBoo: the ghost catcher app

So we come to the new idea of ​​the titan of dating apps. Tinderto minimize the problem of Who took ghosting?, that is, feeling "dirty" throws a Microsite This is where you can get advice and ad hoc sentences to get back into the game and see if the "target" is still waiting for us. Essentially from the Icebreaker phrases that can restart the chat as long as the other person finds the desire and meaning.

The process is very simple. Opens It's your boo and with the "let's start!" Enter the tinder names of the ghoster and ghostat. At this point only needs to be specified for whatever reason Again, you should be talking to four different ways.

"To rekindle the flame"
"To be friends"
"To apologize for the ghosting"
"because the cuffing season is coming". - From English, the cuffing season refers to a short period of time, usually between December and Valentine's Day, when people look for short-term partners to keep warm during the colder months.

Et voilà, a mixture of irony and ingenuity that amazes in its perfect accompaniment to the monster party.
The idea is pleasant in itself, and the suggestions are so insane that it's impossible not to laugh about it.

Does ItsYourBoo really work?

Little. Of course, everyone who discovers it above does too, inserting two names (also at random) and reading a few sentences to be included in the repertoire of those who have already been done and already said.

Once you find the phrase that seems to sound best, you can copy and paste it and then send it to Tinder. Assuming that a ghoster really finds the courage to show themselves, would they really do it with an ironic and absurd phrase? Associated with this thought, it also addresses many characters who are spooky and not no intention retrace their steps.

Yes, there are bad guys and too real risks to watch out for online. THE Polls on Instagram show that a good 80% of those who disappeared would not write again to the person they disappeared from, but instead admit that they feel guilty and have thought about apologizing at least once. Maybe a look at to hope


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