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At this age, mini skirts are taboo for women - according to the study

One thing is certain for us in summer: dresses, skirts and shorts are essential for a stylish look. We never really thought about whether what we were wearing would suit our age. Somehow it has always worked out until now and it doesn't really matter what others think, as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin. After all, our priority has always been to wear what we feel good about, regardless of whether someone looks askance or not. After we had to find out shockingly that there is supposedly something like an age restriction for jeans, our very favorite piece of clothing, we became curious and wanted to find out whether there are other pieces that have an expiration date. And in fact, according to a study, our beloved mini skirt should be an absolute no-go from a certain age.

From this age on, mini skirts are taboo - according to the study

At 13 you're a teenager, at 18 you're allowed to go to the first club and once you've celebrated your 21st birthday, you're officially an adult. With age, we not only have more and more responsibilities, but we also keep seeing new trends. There are certain pieces that belong to the long list of basics and are simply timeless. In addition to blazers and jeans, this category also includes mini-skirts, which we like to wear in summer and combine them with blouses and tops. But should we stick to an age limit for this?A British study carried out by Diet Chef asked 2000 women between the ages of 18 and 65 for their opinion and in fact the majority voted that ladies 35 and over should no longer wear mini skirts. 😱

We have to cover our ears, because supposedly wearing mini skirts from mid-30s is a fashion faux pas. At least according to the interviewed participants. But that's not all. The study also found that 44 percent of women often worry that they are too old for certain items of clothing. However, we disagree: You should wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in. After all, Hollywood celebrities and international models show us how. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum or Jennifer Aniston, who are even over 40, prove to us again and again with their outfits how hot a mini skirt can look on us ladies even after 35. So if you think twice the next time whether you should wear such a short item because of your age group, you will remember: Age is just a number!

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