What is forced meditation


Don't think of anything

Our thoughts flow ceaselessly, diverse sensory perceptions flow non-stop to us. Deliberately not thinking is simply impossible, because that would be another thought. Nevertheless, we can try not to hold on to sounds and sensations, but to let them pass by without evaluating them. Not talking, not thinking, not wanting and still being fully conscious is a moment that cannot be forced. At regular exercise however, a moment may turn out to be the absolute Presence of Mind to adjust.

Practice regularly

Meditate does not need any special requirements in terms of things physical fitness or in terms of age. At the beginning of practice, it can help your own breath to feel and perceive how it flows in and out of the nostrils. The stream of thoughts ebbs over time. And if you can really sit still for five or ten minutes at the beginning of the practice, over time you may extend the sitting meditation to twenty to thirty minutes. Zen is not a complicated philosophy to be learned and understood; the most important thing is rather your own way. Meditate regularly lets the Calming the mind strengthens concentrationand improves the mental balance. Stressful situations are dealt with more easily. Zen meditation can be learned in courses or simply tried out at home.