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Magazines and magazines: huge potential in postpress

Can magazines also be refined in further processing and dispatch? The KNOW! S editorial team embarked on a search for knowledge through the realm of wire, adhesives, inks, envelopes, yellow robots and Euro pallets. And since knowledge is known to make ah, we are now smarter and have learned that you can even stick lemonade cans pressed flat on paper and send them.

Huge reels of wire stand on the saddle stitcher and above the heads rotating sheets of paper from the magazines and magazines that are neatly portioned onto pallets by a yellow robot colleague. From there it goes on to sophisticated logistics that culminate in personal delivery at trade fairs. The driver waits for the publishing manager until he is back from the lunch break. Schaffrath has optimized its processing and logistics structures to ensure the highest level of delivery and data security. After all, what use is the best-designed magazine if it doesn't reach the customer in the end.

Refined perfect binding - dynamic stapling
Hans Butter, Head of Processing at L.N. Schaffrath GmbH & Co. KG Druck Medien rules the empire, at the end of which journals, magazines and newspapers begin their journey to the end customer in large trucks. It is a huge hall with Euro pallets, machine lines that can handle stapling or adhesive binding. If you want to glue your printed sheets, you have to achieve a waistband thickness of at least two millimeters. This is often no longer possible with thin paper or dwindling volumes. "One way out is to use volume paper," advises Hans Butter. (More about paper can be found on pages 26-29) Magazines that are glued are perceived as being of higher quality and, if they are refined in this way, can certainly ensure increased circulation. In the past, the rule was: weekly magazines such as “Wirtschaftswoche” or “Der Spiegel” are stapled and monthly titles are perfectly bound. The processing of the periodicals already showed whether the magazine was intended for quick information transfer or for enjoyable browsing and browsing. With the choice of paper, not only can the waistband thickness be controlled, but the shipping costs can also be optimized.

Stepchild of the creative - the processing
Glued inserts, bound inserts or a chic booklet on the cover not only increase the information content of a publication, but also have a sales-promoting effect. There are also no limits to creativity, just one or the other technical limitation. Nevertheless, more innovation could make the print product a new experience. Where is it written that the editorial content of a magazine only has to appear on the same pages? The legislature has not regulated that. With the options of modern finishing machines, special topics could be presented in a more exciting way and thus even provide extra advertising environments. If my magazine is printed on paper that is not pure white, I could work out such a fashion spread in a haptically tangible way. The processing machine at Schaffrath in Geldern processes a lot, because the experts in Geldern know exactly what they are doing and give advice in the run-up to production.

Logistics - the pearl necklace
Hans Butter says: “There is no such thing as impossible. The magazine X at the time Y at the place Z, we take care of everything. ”Because after the stapling is far from over. Addressed, picked and, in the end, the right product has to reach the right subscriber. This is where data is refined. Customers download their address data from Schaffrath using the upload tool, and this is absolutely data-protected. There these are processed according to the specifications of the Deutsche Post, because it takes over the sales to the individual customer. The publishers or companies specify how data is selected. In addition to the subscriber data, it is noted how inserts or bound inserts are placed. At schaffrath, these processes are fully automated and that guarantees 100 percent quality. This is the only way to implement the strict guidelines of Deutsche Post and to precisely bundle the items ready for dispatch. Butter: “We are consistently pursuing the goal of a structured data path that works reliably and verifiably. We are also in constant contact with the quality management of Deutsche Post. From the Dortmund branch responsible for our company, trainees or employees who are to be trained come to Geldern again and again to learn how an optimal shipping process takes place. ”Where there is more manual work involved, the error rate is also higher. For a three-shift operation like Schaffrath unthinkable and for the customer the best possible security. Many magazines leave the warehouse on pallets and so these travel directly to the mail centers, where they are fed into the delivery process of Deutsche Post or other service providers.

Labels - The Glue Science
Before you can use the yellow or other colored car, you have to address it. The addresses are machine-readable. They are sprayed on directly with ink or stuck on as labels. With a special ink even durable on printed UV varnishes. UV varnish can also be glued, but these labels are irreversibly bonded to the paper surface. However, publishers and marketing departments love labels that can be removed so that customers can view the entire work after delivery. Butter: “We also use removable glue. This is of course a tightrope that we walk. It has to be removable, but it also has to arrive. The removability is solved by an adhesive additive, which is a silicone in the glue. If you have temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, the silicone will dissolve. And when that is the case, the label bonds with the paper fiber. It is possible that the booklet leaves the printer and can still be removed. If it is on the loading area of ​​the truck at high temperatures of more than 40 degrees, the label can no longer be removed at the customer's home.

Trade fair - tailor-made delivery
Long gone are the days when complete editions were sent to publishers or companies and stored there in basements. Today the issues are sent to the known subscribers in the first step. In the meantime, additional subscribers can be acquired and then sent again in a second step with a smaller number of copies. In the schaffrath warehouse, every storage location is precisely defined; storage is carried out by an IT system that works according to the principle of chaotic storage. Butter: “We carry out storage for many publishers, which are intended for future trade fairs, for example. That is a very sensitive thing. Because trade fairs serve the publishers as presentation areas for acquiring new customers. The delivery has to arrive precisely at a precisely defined employee. We have our in-house forwarding agent, Ahland, for special deliveries. There we have direct access to the driver via GPS or mobile phone. So if something cannot be delivered at a trade fair because the relevant person is not there, the driver waits until the magazines are correctly delivered. ”This is a super service that is of course not cheap, but often cheaper than with large haulage providers who then work with sub-subcontractors again. They often work with anonymous drivers who don't take the time to wait for the right contact person.

Wholesalers - bundled know-how
Hans Butter: “We have good contacts with wholesalers who see us as a perfect service provider, because we bundle KNOW HOW for publishers in Geldern. The wholesalers are our partners who collect in Geldern for several publishers at the same time. That has positive effects on the cost calculation, because we also pre-pick for the publishers and wholesalers. ”The distribution of magazines to the right train station bookstore or a petrol station, depending on how deeply distributed is to be distributed, must be structured logically for all parties involved. An example: If a petrol station receives around 104 magazines and full bales are formed, then these are bundled into 25 pieces. She receives four bales of 25 and a tip of four copies on which the address is printed. The leading shipping company then picks up the relevant copies and hands them over to the wholesaler. This can be done overnight or in a delivery of two to three days, depending on what has been agreed.

If there is a newspaper that is registered for postal distribution, it can be sent overnight via Schaffrath without any problems. Schaffrath is always looking for the most economical shipping route. Schaffrath has the KNOW HOW and advises on all press and information mail issues. Even during the ongoing process, i.e. how heavy or large can a side dish be. The post office has already opened up a lot, but there are still one or the other solution that is static. Butter: “Our advisory statements are reliable because we have the know-how and the short line to the post office. We also speak to Swiss Post on behalf of the customer in order to find the most economical solution in certain cases. Our customers benefit from our good name at Swiss Post, as we are bulk mailers. "

Document dispatch - sorted by hand
The single issue to the subscriber is sent fully automatically. Recipients from the institutional area, such as schools, associations, companies or authorities who receive several booklets will receive them in envelopes. This form of mail also includes specimen copies, for example to advertising customers, who are enveloped with cover letters. These can even be personalized: "Dear advertiser, please see your advertisement on page 27 ..." All of the receipts and sales solutions are handled here in the printing center. This saves time and bundles the expertise that publishers nowadays often do not even have. Depending on the customer's wishes, elegant mailing bags are also used. The personalization takes place as a serial letter, which is then manually bagged if the letter has to fit the booklet. The inserting machine is used for mailings. But special wishes and requirements are also feasible, including sending invoices.Butter: “There are many publishers who place a lot of trust in us. We ensure that the data is secure and that all processes remain traceable and transparent. Data protection is and must be observed. We keep packaging material in stock for all variants; custom-made products are also possible. Offshore shipping via seaports to overseas, Brazil, China, Russia or Turkey is also done here. Right up to the customs formalities. "

Innovation - fun with implementation
Inquiries from customers, including those from agencies, are sometimes not that practical. But before we say “that doesn't work”, we reversed the topic several times or suggested a technically feasible modification, ”schmetter promises:“ We enjoy doing unusual things, even if it's a challenge. With schaffrath concept we also have the option of expanding the radius of the search for a solution. "

Hans Butter
[email protected]

Photo: Rainer Holz