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Good for those who can program. Because digitization is giving the job market an enormous boost. According to the industry association Bitkom, around 100,000 new jobs have been created in the past three years, with a total of almost 1.1 million people working in information technology and telecommunications companies at the end of the year. Actually, the industry has no reason to complain - apart from the fact that the demand for specialists is getting bigger and the supply on the market is getting smaller and smaller. Bitkom estimates on the basis of a survey of 1,500 managing directors and HR managers that there are currently around 55,000 vacancies for IT specialists, which is 8 percent more than in the previous year.

Three out of four companies in the IT industry are already complaining about a shortage. Are particularly in demand Software developer. Two out of three companies looking for employees need these programmers. But one’s suffering is the other’s joy: The scarcity of the labor market is driving salaries up, as shown in the salary atlas of this newspaper and the salary advice website, This applies both to software developers with system-oriented tasks ("backend") and to colleagues whose work revolves around user interfaces ("frontend"). An end to the development is not in sight, as Philip Bierbach says, the managing director of "The salaries of software developers in the backend as well as in the frontend area will continue to rise in the next year - if not more than expected", he says. “In the backend, we expect an increase of 3.2 percent. In the front end, we are forecasting growth of 3.5 percent. ”This would close the gap between the two areas somewhat. The backend workers currently earn around 56,700 euros a year, which is almost 7,000 euros more than their frontend colleagues.

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The salary atlas, for which around 236,000 remuneration data records were evaluated, however, also shows a considerable regional gap. The places with the best income opportunities are all in the south or west of Germany. Number one is Frankfurt am Main with an average income for backend developers of almost 69,000 euros and more than 60,000 euros for the frontend. Karlsruhe, Munich, Bonn and Stuttgart follow closely behind. In the case of the former federal capital, Bonn, the Deutsche Telekom headquarters may have played an important role. The car manufacturer Audi is likely to have had a similar influence on Ingolstadt and the chemical company BASF on Ludwigshafen / Mannheim. The metropolises in the north and east, Hamburg and Berlin, clearly fall behind in these comparisons.

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If you look at the industries from which the demand for software developers comes, pharmaceuticals are at the very top in the backend area with almost 73,000 euros. This is followed by the banks, which are currently digitizing their processes on a large scale, ahead of the insurance companies. If you take into account that the French Sanofi Group has a large location in Frankfurt and that financial institutions are already well represented there, this explains the high average salaries to a large extent. For front-end programmers, on the other hand, the most money can be made in the mechanical engineering, insurance and electrical engineering sectors.

Salary specialist Bierbach sees some developments that should drive the salary development further. On the one hand, he mentions the increasing demand in the area of ​​virtual reality, i.e. of 3D glasses, which brings with it a high demand for software and thus also for developers. The topic of cybersecurity also remains highly explosive. There are also many vacancies here, and the advancing digitization requires more and more experts to take care of IT security. “Salaries of around 70,000 euros a year and more are not uncommon in this segment - this also applies to young employees,” says Bierbach. Finally, online retailers are also placing increasing value on the mobile use of their portals, which will make the development of smartphone and tablet apps even more important. "Appropriate know-how in app development is therefore more and more financially worthwhile."


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