Self-realized people pray to God

Self-discovery and self-realization?

Dear reader

Many people are depressed and unhappy inside, suffer from compulsions and feel empty. Numerous events, courses and therapies are also offered. A vast number of books and writings deal with this problem. Self-discovery and self-realization are the central concepts. Man has to find himself in order to be able to be himself. Psychotherapy and psychological practices, but also Asian religions and esoteric currents, are experiencing an enormous upswing. People have to get to know themselves with their desires and needs. One tries to find out more about oneself and one's inner being by coming to terms with the past, through research and analysis back to infancy. The aim of this is to be able to stand by oneself, escape the constraints of fellow human beings and society, develop one's personality and thus realize oneself. Many believe that they find freedom and fullness in this. After all, you want to be self-sufficient and independent and live your own life.

In Christian circles, too, self-discovery and self-realization are flourishing. Some things are called a little differently and given a pious coat of paint in any case. Where previously one had to confess sins in pastoral care, today the past is dealt with in therapy. You look for injuries inflicted by others and then self-sufficently lick your wounds. How many Christians go to therapy regularly for years and do not get any further in sanctification. There is a lack of the power of God in the life of faith, the fire of the Holy Spirit, peace with fellow human beings. There is bitterness, envy and righteousness in the heart. "Whose heart is full, the mouth goes over" (Matth. 12:34). Instead of praise and prizes, the conversations are dominated by gossip and gossip. Instead of proclaiming the great deeds of God, there is arguments and criticism. Where is the peace of God, where is the divine love, where is the unity in the spirit?

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the apostle Paul says in Galatians 2:19 + 20: «I was crucified with Christ. I live, but now not I, but Christ lives in me. For what I now live in the flesh, I live in faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself up for me. "

The Word of God clearly shows us the way to a liberated, fulfilled and empowered Christian life:

  1. "I am crucified with Christ." Our selves belong on the cross. What a great sin is committed by turning around and sinking into self-pity. But don't old injuries have to be found and uncovered? Here, too, the Word of God shows us the attitude of a Christian. The apostle Paul testifies in Philippians 3:12 + 13: "I forget what is behind and reach out to what is ahead and hunt for the goal that has been set, the prize of the heavenly calling of God in Christ Jesus."
    How much injustice, how many hurts and disappointments Paul had to endure in his life from unbelievers but also from believers. Surely he would have had a lot to deal with. He did not go to a therapist, but in faith he brought everything under the cross of his Savior. One often hears the pious-sounding saying: "I have forgiven, but I cannot forget." So the devil holds some people captive in arrogance and arrogance. Like Paul, a redeemed Christian can testify: "I forget what's behind." Our eyes are not directed back to Egypt or the arduous desert road, but to the promised land, the heavenly glory. I "Pursue the goal that has been set, the prize of the heavenly calling of God in Christ Jesus."

  2. "I live, but now not I, but Christ lives in me." Those who are ready to be crucified with Christ experience the resurrection power of Jesus Christ and with it the fullness of divine life: I live.This is exactly what Almighty God wants to give us: a life in freedom, in peace and joy, a life in intimate communion with him, a life under his protection and with his help, a life in eternity. Just as our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the third day, He also raises us to new life: children of God have the assurance of the resurrection to life in eternal glory; but even here on earth the resurrection power of Jesus Christ changes us completely. "I live"Yes, it is in our Savior that we have true, real life in the first place. "I live ..." And so that there is no doubt about it, the apostle adds: "... but now not me, but Christ lives in me." So in my heart the old self no longer rules, striving for self-discovery and self-realization and wanting to be in the center, but my heart belongs to my Savior: "Christ lives in me." And when Jesus Christ comes to full justice in us, then we have real life. He promises his own according to John 14:19: "I live and you should live too."

  3. "For what I now live in the flesh, I live in faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself up for me."This marks a Christian's walk. Our whole existence bears faith in the Son of God as a sign. Anyone who has experienced the forgiveness of sins through the blood of Jesus Christ and the new birth in the Holy Spirit is so infinitely grateful to the Lord for His great love that it is our deepest desire to always stand in deep communion with our Savior and to do him glory. Reading the Bible and prayer is no longer a formality or the fulfillment of duties, but our gas station, where we get new strength, help and courage for everyday life. The Holy Spirit opens the word to us. In His love and grace God also draws our attention to things in our life that are not pleasing to Him. Jesus Christ is our example. "It has to grow, but I have to lose weight" (John 3:30).

    We are to be of one mind in a way that corresponds to fellowship in Christ Jesus. Unity in spirit binds us together. Together we joyfully testify to the great deeds of God and preach the good news. Being crucified with Christ and living in Him was the basis for the apostle Paul's empowered ministry and the rich fruit of eternity. Dear reader, do you long for a life of freedom, joy and inner peace? Do you want the fulness of the Holy Ghost and the power of the resurrection? Confess your sins to the Lord Jesus Christ, including those after you have sought self-discovery and self-realization. Ask the Lord to be released from self-bondage. On the cross, the LORD also conquered our ancient nature. Jesus Christ is risen and lives and gives us true life. The problems are not solved through self-discovery, but through the discovery of Christ, the surrender to Jesus Christ. We do not have a meaningful and livable life in self-realization, but in Christ-realization, in that we let our Redeemer come to full justice and pass on the good news to people who are looking for him out of fellowship with him. Therefore: «I was crucified with Christ. I live, but now not I, but Christ lives in me. For what I now live in the flesh, I live in faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself up for me. "

Let us pray: «Lord Jesus Christ, we praise you that you died on the cross to redeem us from all guilt. You are risen and you are alive. You give us eternal life. Lord, free from bondage and give clear decisions for yourself. Let us be living witnesses for you and work the fruit of eternity. Lord, bless every hearer and every hearer. Amen."

Evangelist Josef Schmid


The only real role model

Dear reader

It is human nature to orientate oneself according to some self-chosen example. This is why top athletes, TV stars and other celebrities become idols of the heart. Surely you also know people who mean a lot to you and whose attitude and change impress you very much and become your model, e.g. successful preachers, selfless pastors or world-famous evangelists. Doesn't the wish often stir in your heart too, that's how I want to be too? Unfortunately, we are usually disappointed first by those people whom we have taken as role models. Why does this have to be so? The word of God, the Bible, gives us a clear answer to this question too.
In 1 Peter chapter 2 in verses 21-25 it is written:

«For this is what you are called to do, since Christ suffered for you and left an example for you, that you should follow in his footsteps; He who has committed no sin has not found deceit in his mouth either, who does not scold again because he was scolded, did not threaten because he suffered, but he left it up to him who judges rightly; who himself carried our sins up in his body on the wood, that we, dead to sin, may live to righteousness; through what wounds you were healed. For you were like sheep going astray; but you are now converted to the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls. "

Here we see the only real role model for ourselves and our fellow human beings. Whether you believe or deny everything, you will one day be judged and judged according to this example, the Son of God. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the right example for all people. You too are called by Almighty God to follow the example of Jesus Christ and His footsteps. Every path is wrong, if only a little is deviated from this real example. We want to follow our Savior fully because He suffered on the cross for us sinners, died and brought about an eternal redemption for us. The following points are absolutely necessary in your life if you really want to be or become a follower of Jesus Christ:

  1. "Who has done no sin."The Lord Jesus Christ was God and man at the same time. He "Was invented like another person and in gestures as a person" (Phil. 2,7). "The tempted is everywhere as we are, but without sin" (Heb. 4:15). Are you willing to live according to this only real example and decisively renounce all sin? As long as you still love sin, you are its slave. Follow your only real example and in the name of Jesus Christ put aside all sin decisively. Your Savior gives you grace, victory and strength to do so. Jesus is the winner!

  2. "He's not invented any fraud either." No untrue or ambiguous word came from the lips of the Son of God. He is the truth (Joh. 14,6). His heart was filled with the love of God. "Whose heart is full, the mouth goes over" (Matth. 12:34), says the Bible. What about your tongue sins? Consciously put aside all gossip, gossiping about other people, slander and ambiguous speech. If you are not willing to do so, you do not follow your Savior, the only real example, and you do not participate in eternal life. He demands full discipleship from us believers. Confess all the deceit of your mouth and let yourself be cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

  3. "Who does not scold again because he was scolded." In the Gospel of Mark chapter 15 it is written: «And the chief priests accused him harshly. But Pilate asked him again, saying, Don't you answer anything? See how hard they sue you! But Jesus didn't answer any more, so that Pilate was astonished too » (V. 3-5). If we want to follow the only real example, the Lord Jesus Christ, we must be prepared to remain silent when religious opponents attack us harshly, slander, scold us or even have us thrown into prison. We cannot do this on our own. But if we are willing to follow the only real example, the Lord gives us grace and strength to do so.

  4. "Not threatened, since he suffered." The way of the cross is a path of suffering.
    Our suffering shows the authenticity of our devotion to the Lord. Whether we find ourselves in severe mental suffering or in almost unbearable physical pain, we are never entitled to quarrel with God or threaten our guilty fellow human beings. Follow in the sufferings in the footsteps of the only real example, our Lord Jesus Christ, who "Did not threaten, since he suffered." What a gift of grace to be freed from all threats and strife through the blood of Jesus Christ in the hard times of suffering. It is His work, not our merit. But you have to be willing to accept it and to live after Him, the only real role model.

  5. "But he left it up to the one who judges correctly." The real Christian trusts His Heavenly Master and lets Him do all the judging. We do not need to take revenge on our debtors in any area. This task is not assigned to us humans; Heavenly Father has given judgment to His Son alone. We gain a lot of time for silence and service when we place all judging and also our justification in front of people completely in His hands and do not deal with it in any way. The Lord Jesus Christ gave us the only real example before His crucifixion. Do you want to follow Him too? If so, you will experience deep peace of mind, heavenly joy and divine love just when you have to face serious injustice.

Following the only real example is only possible for us weak people because the Lord Jesus Christ accomplished a perfect victory for us on the cross. If we believe in His victory with all our hearts, we can follow this only real example. Our gaze is directed to Jesus, the beginner and finisher of our faith (Hebr. 12: 2). He suffered on the cross and died for us that we no longer have to indulge in sin. His victory on the cross is perfect. "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" (Acts 16:31) «Who himself has carried our sins up in his body on the wood, that we, dead to sin, may live to righteousness; through what wounds you were healed. For you were like sheep going astray; but you are now converted to the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls » (1. Petr. 2, 24-25). Is this the case in your life? Do not hesitate. Get on your knees now and surrender your life to Your Savior and thank Him for His salvation on the cross.

We become silent in prayer: «Heavenly Father give grace now and work in every heart through your Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you for your redemption on the cross through your blood. You are the only real role model for us humans. Lord, bless all readers. Let your word go up in hearts and give grace so that we can continue these radio broadcasts. Your will will happen. Amen."

Pastor Samuel Schmid