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Screw conveyor

Screw conveyors are used for the safe transport of bulk goods of various types. Coarse-grained or dusty as well as slightly damp or muddy consistencies can be transported easily and reliably with screw conveyors and, if necessary, also processed at the same time. Screw conveyors are continuous conveyors and, due to their compact design, are one of the most space-saving conveyor systems on the market. In addition, they are extremely immune to malfunctions and therefore require very little maintenance. Screw conveyors have proven themselves in many industries whose work or production processes include the material flow of bulk goods, for example typically the food industry, but also the construction industry or agriculture.

Screw conveyors can be manufactured either as a trough or as a pipe screw. In addition, other processing functions can also be integrated into the transport route. In the appropriate design, the conveyed goods can also be mixed, shredded or loosened up during transport, for example. With a screw heat exchanger, it can even be cooled, heated or kept at a desired temperature. You can find an impression of the various areas of application of the screw conveyor in our references.

With a screw conveyor from Schneckenbau Prestel you are choosing a high-quality product according to German quality standards, manufactured at our location in Sendenhorst. Over 40 years of experience in conveyor technology characterize our work, on which national and international customers rely. Take a look at selected screw conveyors in our catalog, which you can find and download in various languages ​​on the right sidebar. Here you get an overview of our standard models, but we also implement individual customer requests - talk to us.

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How does a screw conveyor work?

The screw conveyor - also called a screw conveyor or spiral conveyor - works with a rotating screw (Archimedean screw) made of steel or stainless steel, which is located in a pipe or trough. The bulk material lies on the "thread" and is transported in the desired direction by continuously rotating it - horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The force of gravity and the friction of the transported goods on the trough walls prevent the bulk goods from rotating with the screw and being pushed forward instead.

How far can bulk goods be transported with a screw conveyor?

Due to their modular design, screw conveyors are also suitable for transport over long distances. Depending on the required length, several intermediate storage facilities are installed in addition to the two final storage units. The length of the conveying length is therefore almost unlimited. If the screw conveyor is equipped with flexible tubes, areas can be used even more efficiently. At Prestel we manufacture screw conveyors individually and tailored to the respective needs. A large number of equipment and accessories from our production are available to you with which the screw conveyor can be specialized and adapted.

The advantages of our screw conveyors at a glance:

  • Efficient transport solution with little space requirement
  • Flexible infeed of the material to be conveyed
  • Dust-free conveyance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very robust and therefore hardly prone to failure
  • With additional functions such as cooling, heating or mixing on request
  • Modular construction and custom-made products possible

Your made-to-measure screw conveyor from Schneckenbau Prestel

Different work projects have their very own, individual requirements for the technology and tools used. In addition, every warehouse and hall has different spatial capacities and framework conditions. Off-the-shelf machines and equipment are usually not ideal or even unsuitable. As an experienced manufacturer in the field of conveyor technology, our particular competence lies in responding flexibly to the individual specific requirements of our customers and delivering suitable products. We are also happy to develop, design and manufacture your screw conveyor as a custom-made product according to the desired application.

Even after your conveyor technology has been completed, we are still available for you. Upon request, we will not only take over the assembly and commissioning of your screw conveyor, but also all repair and maintenance work. Of course, we are not only familiar with our in-house conveyor technology. Even if your system is a third-party make, we take care of the machine maintenance and deliver all the necessary spare parts if required.

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