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Live on Fox News : US governor signs explosive electoral reform

In unusual circumstances, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has enacted a controversial electoral reform. While the law was being signed, the Republican was live on Thursday in Palm Beach on the conservative broadcaster Fox News, which had been granted exclusive broadcasting rights in advance.

The two Republican-dominated houses of parliament in the southern state, which former US President Donald Trump calls home, approved the electoral reform last week.

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In the future, for example, stricter rules relating to postal votes will apply, which the then President Trump criticized as prone to fraud without any evidence and which tend to be used primarily by Democratic voters. In Florida, voters now have to actively apply for postal ballot papers - which, according to critics, should benefit the Republicans in particular.

DeSantis said on Thursday that the reform would prevent the mass distribution of ballots. Florida has taken measures to increase transparency in the electoral process and to strengthen the security of the elections.

Florida is one of several US states that initiated reforms after the particularly polarizing elections in November, which critics believe make it difficult to vote. The electoral law reform was particularly fierce in Georgia, where the Democrats had achieved a surprise victory.

Linda Stewart, who sits for the Florida Senate for the Democrats, criticized the electoral law for being politically motivated. Several organizations such as Black Voters Matter (in German: "Black voters are important") filed a lawsuit against the law.

It has deliberate and disproportionate effects on older voters, voters with disabilities, students and ethnic minorities, said Patricia Brigham, president of the League of Women Voters of Florida. "It's undemocratic, unconstitutional and un-American." (dpa)

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