How important is mindfulness in today's world

Why mindfulness is so important in old age - 10 tips for more mindfulness

Everyone is talking about Mindfulness - but what exactly is meant by this supposed buzzword? You can too Mindfulness in old age practice? We think this should be done just then. Because with age, new strengths such as Serenity and wisdom. LINK And this is exactly where mindfulness comes in: It's about in the here and now to be. Experience moments in real time - without thinking about the next doctor's appointment or reviewing the previous day. Mindfulness originally comes from Buddhism and is one Posture common to all meditations underlying. Mindfulness promises more satisfaction and joy in life.

Deceleration is the key to success - but don't worry, you shouldn't learn meditation at this point. Already with small exercises in everyday life take more time for a little break. Or a little moment of happiness. Let's start right away:

Eat with all your senses

A single little grape becomes a great pleasure with mindfulness.

Is eat one for you too Minor matter? When was the last time you ate your meal with all your attention and calmly? With this little exercise you can learn to appreciate good food again:

  • Take a small grape in hand. Consider Color and texture the skin, you feel the weight. Try everyone Perceive details. What did you notice?
  • Smell the grape. What does the fragrance remind of? Is he weak? Or intense?
  • Hold up Grape to your ear. Does it make a noise when you move it between your fingers?
  • Put the grape in your mouth. At first only perceive the grape with your tongue - how does it feel in the mouth? Is that running for you now Mouth watering together?
  • Now chew the grape and take that intense taste true that slowly spreads in the mouth.

The easy sucking and Chewing a grape so can a new one Great pleasure when we are careful not to eat automatically and incidentally, but rather consciously and mindfully. This also works with all other foods: give it a try! Also whole meals by the way (prepared carefully) to new ones Favorite dishes become. Mindfulness in old age can be so delicious.

Maintain good posture

A upright posture is not only healthy, it also exudes positive self-confidence. We like to hang our shoulders in particular. With a light circles on both shoulders From front to back you bring not only this one, but yours entire posture back in shape. And if you pay attention to using more frequently during the day straight shoulders through everyday life to come, you will realize that you are yours open attitude on positive response comes across with their fellow men.

Another exercise for one more conscious posture is also very simple: Imagine if you had a small piece of string tied to your head and someone was pulling it very gently. You will quickly notice that this not only looks better, but also looks better better mood cares. The posture has a decisive influence on that Mood of a person.

Practice mindfulness in the shower

Taking a mindful shower is like taking a short vacation.

Much of what we do in everyday life happens automatically - and therefore without any special attention. Habits take some of the strain off us, but some of them can be taken care of little attention to true turbos for our well-being increase:

So next time uStand in the shower or lying in the bathtub, consciously feel the pleasantly warm water on your body. Isn't that splendidwhen the warm beam tingling your scalp and then slow your back warms? A little Moment of mindfulness in old age is like a little vacation from everyday life. And you can do that every day!

Consciously listening to conversation partners

A good listener is always a good friend.

Do you know that too? One is for example in conversation and suddenly notices that the digress of your own thoughts and you only with half an ear listening? Try yourself next time completely on the opposite to let in. Put yourself in the position in your interlocutor into it and ask him a few questions that you can embellish with suitable stories. You will soon notice how your Compared to clearly relaxed and responds positively to you. It's that easy to improve relationships with others with mindfulness in old age!

Listen to nature

Open your ears for the most beautiful voices from nature.

At the next walk you should go through the forest listen closely and the Consciously listening to the sounds of nature. With this little exercise you will focus yourself. And the Nature thanks it to you with the most beautiful free concertsthat are there. For everyone who wants to know whom, for example, the beautiful bird calls belong, recommend Apps for determination. You can find them here: LINK

Take regular breaks

A short rest is always advisable. And important to take a deep breath.

Breaks are important to To process experiences. Unfortunately, very few really allow themselves to take a deep breath. Experts advise after 45 minutes of activity at least one 5-minute break to be inserted, after 90 minutes at least 15 minutes. So if you do active in the household running errands or traveling with the family are - hold regularly pause briefly Switch off and take a breather. Fully aware. Because everything else can really wait.

Thoroughly muck out

Creates space for new experiences: mucking out is worth it.

Material happiness not of long duration - so let's be honest: there are a few Areas in the house that you face for a long time no more devoted in depth to have? Then take yourself one little time for the following plan: From Objectswhere you are No longer safe are whether you still need this, you can check separate. Or such Stuff, the you not more have noticed ... you can take it with you clear conscience to dispose. Or pass it on by donating these items to a nonprofit organization. Unnecessary ballast freed and not only takes care of the house, but also in the head For order. Because that’s the same Space for great new experiences created.

Trace objects

See the world with new eyes - and draw!

Also the everyday things can you have a little more attention give. With Pen and paper! Sit down and draw things after that you encounter. For example yours Favorite coffee cup or that Bird house in your yard. We are sure you will get it Notice little things that you have never noticed so intensely before. And who knows, maybe you will discover it too Your love for drawing. And make of that conscious moment same time a new hobby.

Breathe more consciously

Every adult breathes approx. 10-12 times per minute in and out. Usually. How about your breath Pay attention to it - are they long and deep breaths or short and hectic ones? stress is often the root cause for breathing too fast and too shallowly. With that comes not enough oxygen in our body. Long and deep breaths however, can prevent stress and clearly for relaxation to care. You can easily make this breathing the rule - sit up straight and from now on try breathe in and out deeper. You can be sure of a lot more peace and quiet.

Omit filler words

Um. Actually. Hm. Everyone knows these little ones Filler wordsthat we all use in everyday life. you make listening difficult - at least if they are used very often. Sometimes we use them when we have one Spin thoughts on. But sometimes also because we not particularly focused are. Or because we avoid uncomfortable breaks want. Pay attention to it when you speak - with one new motto for the Filler words: Less is more.

Mindfulness in old age doesn't just do that Everyday life worth living and colorful, but also You healthy. Because medical professionals have found out in recent years that with targeted mindfulness exercises also Pain can be alleviated. And help certain meditation techniques can even succeed that Limit medication use, the immune system to strengthen and also the Regulate blood pressure. LINK We believe that you are never too old to be mindful. How carefully go through the everyday life? Can you tell us where you are particularly careful? You are welcome to send us one leave a comment. Thank you very much.