Where in Kenya was Barack Obama from?

Auma Obama in private: How is your relationship with Brother Barack?

Dr. Auma Obama (61) is dancing in the new season of "Let's Dance". But how does the big half-sister of the former president of the USA actually come to the German dance show? Is it also in public? What is your private life like? And does she have contact with Barack Obama (59)? | Agnes KohtzDon't rememberMark1 Comment Recommend article

When you hear the surname Obama, you quickly think of Barack Obama. Auma Obama's life and career are also very impressive. What also many do not know: Your career is strongly influenced by Germany. "Let's Dance", on the other hand, is a very new experience and challenge for the journalist and key note speaker.

Auma Obama's job: That's why she dances in "Let's Dance"

For Auma Obama, "Let's Dance" is mainly about fun: "Normally I wouldn't have the courage to take part in such a competition. I am a passionate dancer, but my favorite dance is in competition with the children from my 'Sauti Foundation Kuu 'in Alego / Kenya. It's about celebrating the best dancer, and although I don't have a chance against the children, I like to dance with them. It's just great fun to be there and that's how I want it with' Let's Dance 'tackle - the main thing is fun, "she told RTL.

Auma Obama always gets ten points from this jury

Auma Obama has not yet received full marks for her dance from Motsi Mabuse, Jorge Gonzalez and Joachim Llambi. But that doesn't seem to be that important to her either. Barack Obama's half-sister attaches more importance to the judgment of the children and adolescents in Kenya, whom she looks after with her foundation "Sauti Kuu" (Strong Voice): "When I have danced, I send them an excerpt and they play a jury . Up to now I've always got ten points, "she told the magazine" ma vie "in May 2021.

Auma Obama: Parents and Childhood

Auma Obama was born in Nairobi in 1960 as the daughter of government official Barack Obama Sr. and housewife Kezia Obama. The father left the family to study in the United States. At first she lived with her mother and her paternal grandparents and attended a boarding school for girls in Nairobi. She later moved in with her father.

During "Let's Dance": Auma's grandma and mother die

While Auma Obama is training for "Let's Dance", she has to cope with two strokes of fate. On March 29th she announced the death of her beloved grandmother and on April 14th she wrote on Instagram: "I lost my beloved mother yesterday. I have no words."

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Auma Obama: She studied in Germany

Auma Obama read the works of Heinrich Böll and Wolfgang Borchert in English with great enthusiasm. With the help of a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service, she was able to begin studying German and sociology in Saarbrücken and Heidelberg in 1980. In 1996 she received her doctorate from the University of Bayreuth. In her doctoral thesis, she compared the conception of work and the cessation of work in Germany and Kenya. She also graduated from the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. To this day she has worked as a freelance journalist with Africa and the Germans' image of Africa.

Auma Obama: How is your relationship with half-brother Barack Obama?

Auma only met her half-brother Barack Obama at the age of 24 when he sent her a letter to Heidelberg, where she was studying at the time, in 1984. He was working as a social worker in Chicago at the time. She then visited him in the USA that same year. Barak Obama described this encounter in 1995 in his book "Dreams from my father": "I felt as if someone had turned my world upside down, as if I had woken up with a blue sun in a yellow sky or as if I heard animals and people speak."

Auma and Barack have the same father. The two later traveled through Kenya together to review their family history. Auma was also on her half-brother's campaign team during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Auma Obama: daughter with ex Ian Manners

Little is known about Auma Obama's personal life. In 1986 she moved to Great Britain, where she married Ian Manners from the UK in 1996. The two had a daughter, but the marriage was divorced after a short time. Today Auma Obama lives in Nairobi again.

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Auma Obama Foundation and Social Commitment

Auma Obama has already worked for various aid organizations. In 2010 she finally founded her own foundation "Sauti Kuu" in Germany and Kenya, which means "strong voices" in German. The foundation wants to give disadvantaged children and young people a voice, awakening and strengthening their potential.

Auma Obama was already in the German media before "Let's Dance" 2021

"Let's Dance" is definitely not Auma Obama's first public appearance in Germany. She was a guest on "Beckmann" (2008 and 2010), on the "NDR Talk Show" (2010), on "Maybrit Illner" (2011), in the "Kölner Treff" (2014) or at the "RTL Spendenmarathon" ( 2016). In autumn 2010 she also published her autobiography "Life always comes in between. Stations on a journey" in German only.

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