Which films stink of hypocrisy

Translation of "it stinks" in spanish

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But, it stinks after swamp.
Apesta a pantano, eso es lo que siento.
And it stinks and is muddy.
I don't know what you're doing in there, but it stinks to the sky.
No sé qué estás haciendo allí, pero huele mal.
It's like yoga, except that it stinks.
The whole place it stinks just like hypocrisy.
Todo el lugar apesta a hipocresía.
I lit all the scented candles and it stinks still.
He usado todas mis velas y aún apesta.
And it stinks and is muddy.
So because it stinksyou open the windows.
Como apesta, bajas las ventanillas.
Yes, it stinks in that old barn.
I know, it stinks you, but you have to apologize.
Sé que apesta, pero tienes que declararte culpable.
Dad, it's so ugly here it stinks.
It's like trying to improve the food in a restaurant where it stinks.
It como intentar mejorar la calidad de la comida en un restaurante que apesta.
It's dirty, hot here it stinks, I itchy and ...
It asqueroso, hace calor, apesta, me pica todo y ...
It's weird it stinks and is embarrassing.
It raro, apesta y es vergonzoso.
But don't you think that it stinksNot even wanting to have father there?
Pero, ¿no crees que apesta que ni siquiera invite a papá?
It stinks after Gin and Chanel No. 5.
Apesta a Ginebra y Chanel nº5.
It stinks after an embarrassing message.
Apesta a algo incómodo entre líneas.
It stinks, he wants to get rid of something, cover up his tracks, hide where he has been.
Apesta, y quiere deshacerse de algo ... cubrir su rastro, esconder donde ha estado.
It stinks something, but it will moisten your throat.
Apesta, pero sin duda le quitará la sed.
It stinks. It's ... great, we're going to die.
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