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The best free apps from the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store makes it easy to find and install new programs on your Mac. Everything you need: a Mac with at least OS X 10.6.6 or Lion and an Apple ID, i.e. an account like the one used for iTunes. So you can start immediately and install new programs.

Most of the Mac apps are chargeable. But there are also many small, useful or entertaining programs hidden between the offer for which you do not have to pay a cent. We have selected, tried and listed these free hits. You can find the best free apps in the image gallery below.

  1. The best free Mac apps
    Finding and installing software has never been easier. We show which Mac apps do not cost a cent and still enrich everyday life with the Mac.
  2. Mavericks
    Let's start with what is believed to be the largest free app in the Mac App Store: OS X 10.9 Mavericks. For everyone who has the Mac App Store installed on their computer, Apple offers its latest operating system free of charge. And anyone who has already installed iLIfe and iWork programs will get the updates free of charge.
  3. Motion FX
    You can recognize movements, colors or faces in videos with this app and alienate them with funny effects in real time. For example, flames can lick out of the arms, the face can be deformed in a fun way or smoke can rise. Incidentally, you record the videos directly with the Facetime camera. A lot of fun, your children will especially be delighted.
  4. Perfect Effects
    Even in the free free version, this app offers a lot of beautiful picture effects and frames, you can choose from a total of 73 beautiful effects. In the full version, which costs 27 euros, there are even 401 effects. You can combine these with the integrated layer function as you wish and adjust their effect.
  5. Quicktime
    For most, Quicktime is nothing more than the pre-installed media player on the Mac. But if you look around you will be amazed at what Quicktime can do: record videos or audio from the iSight camera, film the Mac screen, optimize videos for the web, iOS devices or iMovie, trim, rotate, mirror videos in Cut and rearrange clips, and more. The player is actually a small video / audio editing program that is still pleasantly slim and simple.
  6. Shotcut
    The free video editing software Shotcut is worth a look, as the software offers unusual filters and supports a large number of formats. However, due to the complex operation, the software requires a willingness to learn.
  7. Virtual DJ
    If you want to take your first steps as a disk jockey for small parties, the free version of Virtual DJ is an ideal start. Mixing and scratching is a lot of fun even if you have quite inconvenient access to the iTunes library.
  8. Audacity
    If you don't want to spend any money on an audio editing program, the free Audacity is the best choice. If you want, you can use this app from the open source community to program your own extensions, the source code is available to everyone. Basically, there is hardly anything that the tool lacks. You can use audio editing for any number of tracks, any number of built-in effects, tone generators and even analysis functions from measurement technology. Even real-time plug-ins (VST and AU) can be integrated, and the export formats are also very extensive. You only have to do without MIDI functionality. An outstanding feature of Audacity is its cross-platform availability. Whether Mac, Windows, Linux or Unix - Audacity is available for all these platforms and can be operated almost identically on all systems - but not always Mac-like.
  9. Garage tape
    Everything is easier with music: Garageband is preinstalled on every Mac, the new version with a customized interface and virtual drummer is available for free in the Mac App Store. Small downer: If you want more samples, sounds and virtual drummers, you have to make an in-app purchase of several gigabytes, albeit at a moderate price.
  10. iWork
    With every new Mac and every iOS device, Apple includes its free iWork apps. Pages, Numbers and Keynote have been adapted to each other in their design and functionality since Mavericks and iOS 7, functions such as AppleScript support or horizontal rulers that were still included in the previous versions are provided by Apple with regular updates. Pleasant: When installing the new versions on the Mac, the iWork 09 programs are retained.
  11. Opera
    The Norwegian browser with turbo mode that transmits data in compressed form. Great for thin internet lines. Opera always brings innovative browser features to market first. Now also available in the Mac App Store.
  12. Mixxx
    This free DJ software supports MIDI and accesses the iTunes library directly. Thanks to a variety of functions, Mixxx can also meet higher demands. The program supports MIDI controllers and other DJ hardware and automatically creates playlists if desired. An analysis function recognizes the BPM, i.e. the tempo of a track, and a normalization function ensures that the volume is adjusted. Speed ​​controls adapt two differently fast songs to each other. During playback you can see a waveform view of the track, the most important tools such as crossfader, channel fader and equalizer help with good sounding transitions between the songs.
  13. Garage buy
    This ebay application makes it easier to use the popular auction platform. Here you can search for items, display them in different styles, watch auctions and bid on them. Articles are simply dragged and dropped onto the list in order to observe them. Although Apple does not officially allow beta versions in the Mac App Store, Garagebuy is currently a beta.
  14. Hedgewars
    This war of the hedgehogs is a cute adaptation of the classic game "Worms" from 1995. Hedgewars is actually a bold clone of the game. The implementation was successful, the game principle was adopted directly and the fun was also great. The aim here is to shoot each other with small, cute characters in round mode. Hedgewars is a free development and very mature, contains many different landscapes and team styles. So you have a lot of fun against the computer, in pairs or against online opponents.
  15. Sketchbook Express
    Drawing on the Mac made easy. Sketchbook is a simple drawing program that offers a few tools and aids. Here you can give in to your artistic streak and use the mouse to capture brush strokes on the virtual canvas. The tool offers all the basic functions and convinces with a stylish, tidy interface.
  16. Alfred
    With this little app you can search smarter than with Spotlight. A key combination opens the search window. Another key combination takes you directly to one of the search results. This makes it possible to start specific applications at lightning speed using the keyboard. You can also type in commands like “open Firefox”. Alfred also opens websites directly by typing the address into the search field.
  17. Basketmania
    A simple game for in between. Here you throw the mouse onto a basketball hoop. There are two game modes. Either you have 90 seconds to score as many points as possible, or you have to score as many hits as possible in one go. To throw, you simply draw a flight curve with the mouse on the screen. Motivating mini-game that is easy to learn but still has some challenge.
  18. Caffeine
    Coffee break without standby. Thanks to Caffeine, you can leave your Mac alone without going into sleep mode or activating a screen saver. The little tool prevents the energy-saving settings from automatically putting the Mac to sleep or the screensaver from being activated. To do this, simply click on the coffee symbol in the menu bar and exit the computer. When the user returns, everything is still as it was before. Another click deactivates the coffee mode again.
  19. Solitaire Greatest Hits
    The classic card as a Mac app. An important part of the Windows system for years, now also free on the Mac. There are different modes of the classic. Overall, the game offers a dozen different game variants. Great brain training for lunch or to relax.
  20. Image Tricks Lite
    Image effects for photos and graphics. This simple image editor can apply a variety of image effects to photos. Sharpening, distorting or abstracting, Image Tricks offers many possibilities. Some functions and effects are reserved for the "Pro" version, but most of the functionality is free. This leaves a lot of opportunity to try out and play with the various effects. Results can be exported as PDF, JPEG or TIFF.
  21. Mindnode
    Create simple mind maps for free. This mind mapping tool helps to sort thoughts and give structure to projects or concepts. Mindnode has a very simple structure and can only create nodes and define colors for them. However, this is sufficient for the basic functions in mind mapping.
  22. Text wrangler
    This utility program not only processes texts, but can also handle source code well. This makes this editor a useful companion for web developers. There are many wizards that can find duplicate lines and the like, for example. Textwrangler can also execute scripts.
  23. Video tennis
    Control the video game ancestor Pong with the iSight. Video tennis is less of a serious game than a hilarious tech demo. Image recognition is used to control the paddle in this arcade version of tennis. This follows the movement of the hand. The live image from the camera - including players waving their hands - can be seen in the classic black and white look in the background. The controls don't work perfectly, but video tennis is a great gimmick to show off to friends.
  24. Virus Barrier Express
    Free virus protection sounds tempting. Virus Barrier Express is designed to ensure this. The virus scanner is kept simple and can only scan certain drives or folders on command or according to a schedule. It does not offer background monitoring.In the test, he found some (sometimes very old) viruses on a prepared USB stick, but not all of them and is not able to render the files harmless - Virus Barrier crashes when trying. No comprehensive protection, at best security support.

When you install a Mac app, it ends up in the dock and in the program folder. You can drag and drop the icon in the Dock and make it disappear if you want. You can easily find updates for the Mac apps in the Mac App Store in the "Updates" section. Apps must be closed when updating, otherwise you don't have to pay attention to anything.

This article is based on a contribution from the TC sister publication Macwelt.