What is a soil sampler

WINTEX 1000s

Product information

The WINTEX 1000s is an automatic soil sampler for soil samples up to a depth of 30 cm. With up to 300 punctures and 20 soil samples per hour, quick and efficient sampling is guaranteed.

In relation to manual soil sampling, much larger areas can be sampled and the number of soil samples is significantly increased without having to set additional help. The samples are always taken at exactly the same depth, which can be continuously adjusted by the user from 0-30 cm. As a result, extremely precise samples are taken and physical stress is reduced to a minimum.

The WINTEX 1000s works quickly and safely in every type of soil. It has a hydraulic hammer that, with the pressure of the cylinder, ensures that the drill stick goes to the desired depth. The pressure of the cylinder can be regulated in relation to the type of soil. This makes it possible to reliably take soil samples in any type of soil, even in frozen soil.

The samples are taken from a chisel drill stick and not with an auger. This guarantees a completely uniform sample. When a soil sample is taken with an auger, more and more material is removed from the upper than the lower soil layer, which can affect the accuracy of the sample.

Almost all vehicles are suitable as carrier vehicles for the Wintex 1000s. Its functions can be carried out conveniently from the driver's seat. The device works extremely reliably, is very robust and requires only minimal maintenance.


Samples / hour:15
Punctures / hour:225
Punctures / sample:14-16
Volume / sample:available with 26 mm boring stock
for 1.5 g / cm, 2.0 g / cm or 2.5 g / cm
at a density of 1: 1
Boring stock diameter:26 mm
Hydraulics:Honda GX200, 5.5 HP
Hydraulic consumption:16 l / min. at 100 bar
Hydraulic tank:7 liters
Power supply:12 V DC
Vehicle battery:14 A, 250 W
Net weight:85 kg