How did Christmas turn into Christmas?

The importance of Christmas

Christmas gift ideas

Every year the question arises again what we can give our partners, children, parents and friends for Christmas. In this post we have put together some great suggestions for Christmas gifts for you.

  • As a classic gift idea it can certainly do that book be cited. Books are always a good idea, and not just on the subject of winter, Advent or Christmas. Just take a look at our range of books in the Vivat! Shop. You are sure to find what you are looking for there.
  • Or you can pourParlor or board game. That always goes down well and also ensures more family cohesion when playing hours together.
  • Figures for one are also very popular at the moment Christmas cribthat are ideal as a gift idea and that you can gradually give away in the coming years (first shepherds, then holy families, etc.). Just drop by the Vivat! Shop, where you will find a colorful selection of Christmas cribs.
  • Are suitable for the Christmas story Angel A popular gift: whether as a pendant, figure, window picture or jewelry - you will find a great selection of angel products in our shop.
  • To underline the festive character of Christmas, fit Candlesticks and candles wonderful as a souvenir and small present. They can be used immediately on the Christmas coffee table or lit at a cozy get-together. Here, too, we have a large selection in our Vivat! Shop.

Homemade Christmas gifts

  • Design it yourself Window picturethat you can paint with Window Color or make from construction paper and tracing paper.
  • A great gift idea is always a homemade one Help voucher for various things such as "ironing a basket of laundry" or "washing the curtains" etc. You can of course also use a pre-made voucher, such as is available in the Vivat! shop. With this, the person can choose a present of their choice.
  • A homemade one is also nice calendar for the new year or a Photo book with shared memories.
  • After all, even a homemade one can Christmas stollen or gingerbread be a wonderful gift for loved ones.

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