Why was Jeffree staring in jail

After the death of Jeffrey EpsteinMany questions and few answers

There are many unanswered questions after the death of Jeffrey Epstein in the maximum security wing of the "Metropolitan Correctional Center" MCC in New York City: Why was the accused no longer under special surveillance for those at risk of suicide - when he tried on July 23rd should have to take his own life? And why was the regulation not observed to check on the prisoner every 30 minutes? Attorney General William Barr failed to reply.

But he made serious allegations against the prison authorities: he and his ministry were appalled that the prisoner was not guarded, he said.

Barr promised a thorough investigation by the FBI and his department. Barr is particularly interested in how these worrying irregularities came about in the New York prison, he said.

Investigations into the Circumstances

As Justice Minister, William Barr is the control authority for the Federal Bureau of Prisons - and thus also for the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York. One of the institutionalized rule violations is Eric Young, who advises law enforcement officers, but also the unspeakable working conditions in federal prisons in general and the MCC in particular. The Trump administration has also drastically cut the number of law enforcement officers there. The servants would have to deal with 60-70 hours a week.

The investigation will initially focus on the circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein's death. This is all the more urgent as conspiracy theories spread like wildfire across social media. So the comedian Terrence Williams tweeted verbatim: "Epstein had information about Bill Clinton. Now he is dead". Quote end. He was suggesting that Epstein had not committed suicide, but had fallen victim to a murder plot by Bill Clinton.

Trump and Clinton: Epstein Connections

When Donald Trump retweeted this crude thesis, spread it, the President of the United States made it his own - drawing attention to the fact that not only Bill Clinton was acquainted with Jeffrey Epstein, but himself too. Prompt Trump has also been linked to the death of the New York millionaire. What is he hiding? Asked the Mayor of New York and Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio.

The events of the weekend not only threw a spotlight on the egregious allegations against the entrepreneur Epstein, who with the help of accomplices lured dozens of underage girls into prostitution and trafficked with them. The entrepreneur's high society environment also came into focus, throwing celebrity parties and flying his most influential friends to his own island in his private jet.

Do political damage limitation

Not only FBI and prosecutors want to shed light on these machinations, which were largely made known through research by the Miami Herald. Star lawyers like Lisa Bloom also announced their own research and appealed to other victims to overcome their fears and turn to legal counsel.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Barr will be busy doing political damage containment. He started with the threat that from now on no accomplice or co-conspirator of Jeffrey Epstein could feel safe anymore.