Narcissists miss people

Can Narcissists Miss?

For many victims of narcissistic abuse, the following pressing question often arises: Can Narcissists Miss? So let's go into analysis and look closely.

On the one hand, the question hides the hope that the narcissist might miss them, undergo a change and return to them. On the other hand, the question arises for some of the victims from their experiences with hoovering, which describes the narcissist's attempt to use love bombing tactics to build on the old relationship and to draw the victim back into the active cycle of abuse or at least in passive abuse that could potentially benefit the narcissist at a later date.

Can Narcissists Miss: The Illusion of Love

In a way, the question or answer is related to whether the narcissist feels love. With a precise analysis, the emotional connection to the victim as a person is not given, so that the narcissist's love turns out to be a deception and thus an illusion.

The longing for a person can be presented just as well by the narcissist as love itself. But here it is only about missing certain forms of supply or wanting to specifically ensure that the supply associated with the victim is kept “warm” and thus involved in passive abuse. Any narcissist can run out of drugs and bottlenecks arise.

Can Narcissists Miss: The narcissist is related to his needs

The narcissist is concerned with satisfying his narcissistic needs or getting them satisfied. Therefore the hoovering takes place, which can be misinterpreted as "missing".

The hope that the narcissist could miss you and come back to you ultimately arises from the traumatic abuse processes and the biochemical processes involved. One thing is certain: the narcissist does not change. So if you secretly hope that he will return to you, then you will have to accept that he is and will remain the way he is.

The possible desire for revenge (1st train of thought: The narcissist misses me. 2nd train of thought: I give him a basket. 3rd train of thought: I feel good because I was able to take revenge.) Is always a blow to yourself, there you then tend to participate in attracting it and are likely to fall back into its clutches. Focusing on your regeneration should be your energy.

Can Narcissists Miss? No, not you or other people.

The narcissist does not “miss” you, but is focused on the satisfaction of his needs and thus on the forms of his supply. So he craves this supply out of sheer dependence.

After narcissistic abuse, it is very important to bring your own focus back to yourself and to break the cycle of abuse, which the narcissist directs exclusively to the narcissist during the abuse.

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PS: By the way, I am of the opinion that you are worth living a life according to your wishes.