How do Australians call Santa Claus

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Christmas tree decorations and beach picnics

Christmas down under

A lot is different on the fifth continent: temperatures at which even the swimming trunks feel too much make the Australians, who affectionately call themselves "Aussies", inventive to get in the Christmas mood.

With artificial fir trees, lots of kitsch, outdoor barbecues and a second substitute Christmas, Down Under has a very special way of celebrating Christmas.

Markets, shops and nurseries

No other country sells so many artificial Christmas trees as Australia, but real trees are also on the rise. More and more tree nurseries that grow the Mexican nut pine - a type of pine that also thrives in hot climates - are offering fresh, natural Christmas trees from November. As with us, jewelry and decorations, Christmas stollen and chocolate Santa Clauses are already available in October in supermarkets (especially in the Australian ALDI markets), department stores and weekly markets. The nativity figurines often look a little different here, because sometimes Joseph, Maria and the baby Jesus are kangaroos, sometimes koalas or wombats.

Australians love Christmas colorful, kitschy and humorous. The shopping streets are adorned with light garlands, Santa Clauses are well staged in air-conditioned department stores, offer photographs for around 40 AUD (about 25 euros) and on the hot streets sweaty Santa Clauses in full gear or in red shorts hand out sweets to the children.


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