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Top 10 in the mobile phone test: The best smartphones in 2021

The smartphones that are on the market can now hardly be counted. And they often resemble each other like eggs, quality and performance are often on the same level. Nevertheless, there will always be differences that make one smartphone better than the other.

In the overview below you will find the latest top smartphones that can assert themselves with very good performance in many disciplines.

This is how we determine the top 10

The best in the cell phone test:
teltarif.de tests the smartphones in a specially developed, independent mobile phone test procedure. We not only check the performance of the processor, the camera and the battery, but also look at the display properties and the reliability of the sensors. The test course that every device has to go through is always the same, which makes the test results comparable - here you will find the explanation of our test procedure.

We calculate an overall grade from the partial results. Some smartphones were able to convince in the test with a very good performance, special software functions and a well thought-out design.

Clicking on the picture takes you to the first smartphone that we are introducing.

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