Guys fantasize about their crush

When we're in love, we all act the same: We think about this one person all the time, our hearts racing when they cross our path and we fantasize about a future together. But only to adore someone from a distance is not much fun in the long run. That's exactly why we want to encourage you a lot, so that you dare to confess your feelings to your crush - and that without making the situation uncomfortable for both of you, because after all there is also a great risk!

Step by step: this is how you show someone that you have feelings for them!

Your crush doesn't yet know what feelings lie dormant inside you? You can change that! You neither have to make a film-ready confession of love, nor shyly hold back. The goal is the golden mean!

1. Give little hints

It's easy to start with small but subtle hints. Look your crush in the eyes longer, ask attentive questions, or annoy them a little. Even a nice WhatsApp message can get the ball rolling!

2. Give yourself a deadline

Overcoming yourself to confess your love to your crush can take a long time. Often we are on the verge of it and then withdraw because we don't dare. So just set yourself a clear deadline by when you want to achieve your goal. Several weeks are enough. But don't wait several months!

3. Be confident

Even if it's difficult: Trust in yourself and boost your self-confidence! Promise yourself that everything will turn out well. And if your crush doesn't reciprocate your feelings, you will master the situation as well - because you don't let anyone or anything get you down, understand? 😊

4. Don't corner your crush

Confessions of love can be confusing. So be patient and don't corner your crush. Let him breathe deeply and give him enough time to think about it. Sometimes you have to deal with the situation calmly before you can give an answer!

5. Text messages are fine too

If you don't dare to take your crush aside and speak to them openly, you can also put your feelings into a text message. This is perfectly okay and can even be more comfortable for both of you! But still be confident.

What happened if...?

A little tip at the end: Of course, your crush can't react the way you want them to and reject your feelings. But what if he feels the same and just doesn't dare to tell you? In life you just have to take risks - that's just part of growing up. Take the plunge into the deep end instead of constantly asking yourself "What if I had confessed my feelings to the person?" - because that's much more agonizing than a one-time rejection, isn't it?