Is cold coffee harmful to your health?

Cold coffee makes you beautiful! - Really?

There are quite a few myths about coffee. Among other things, cold coffee is supposed to make you look good. You can read about what coffee can do and which myth is true in the following text. First of all: the tasty bean has it all!

The statement that cold coffee makes you beautiful has its origins in the Baroque era. In those days, a noble paleness was a sign of wealth. Thus, the faces were made up as pale as possible and the strong red lips were in contrast. However, the cosmetics of earlier times were not of very good quality. If, for example, hot coffee was drunk, this was a loss of beauty, because the steam did its best to let the make-up run off. That is why society preferred to drink cold coffee so that the ladies and gentlemen could preserve their beauty. If you think this thesis is about cold coffee, you are on the wrong track. Cold coffee can very well contribute to beauty and even has health-promoting properties. For example, it has been said time and time again that coffee dehydrates the body. However, this could be refuted. So you can add your coffee consumption to the amount of liquid you drink each day. Of course, you shouldn't be overdoing it.

Is cold coffee really nice? (Photo: Thinkstock by Getty Images)

If the necessary two to three liters consist only of coffee, this is anything but healthy. It is up to you whether you prefer to drink the black drink cold or hot.

Cold coffee is healthy and makes you beautiful Coffee contains more than two thousand active ingredients. The antioxidants are particularly important. This active ingredient keeps free radicals from us, and thus represents a good protection for the human body, because the free radicals can accelerate the aging process. UV rays, cigarette smoke and alcohol support this aging process, which is then noticeable on the skin, hair and organs. The antioxidants contained in coffee are able to bind these radicals and thus ensure more beautiful skin and healthier hair. It was also found that coffee has a positive effect on allergies and other illnesses. Enjoy your coffee while it is hot

The caffeinated drink can apparently help relieve headaches, cardiovascular problems and asthma. Coffee is also said to provide some form of prevention against Alzheimer's and diabetes. For detailed information, however, you should ask a medical expert here. Of course, positive effects also apply to hot coffee.

The fact that cold coffee is not the only thing that makes you beautiful can also be seen in your teeth. Coffee contains niacin, trigonelline and chlorogenic acid, among other things. These active ingredients ensure that you can show your teeth without hesitation, because they protect against tooth decay.

Cold coffee - ingredient for beauty care

Today, beauty care is a natural part of life for the modern man and cold coffee can be used, for example, for a peeling. If you want to be even more beautiful than beautiful, why not try a coffee scrub. So after you've brewed your coffee in the morning, take the coffee grounds and mix them in equal parts with your shower gel. However, you should let the coffee grounds cool down beforehand, otherwise the peeling could be uncomfortable. Massage this shower gel-coffee mixture into the skin of your face. After a few minutes of exposure, you can wash off the peeling and your reflection in the mirror will reward you with a satisfied smile. Your skin appears cleansed and refreshed, so you look younger than you did before the treatment. It is even better to mix the coffee grounds with olive oil and honey. The skin is particularly cared for by the olive oil. Another use for cold coffee: If you have dark hair, you can bring more shine to your hair with cold coffee. To do this, simply massage the coffee into dry hair, leave it on for about twenty minutes and then rinse it off again.