What is an unmanaged virtual private server

Web hosting: servers in comparison

Every web application is dependent on a server that provides data in the network and delivers it to client programs when required - for example when a user accesses the web application with his browser. In the case of a dedicated server, a hosting customer has hardware components made available specifically for him. Thus, compared to other hosting options, the dedicated server is a closed physical device in the provider's data center, whose Resources only accessible to a tenant are. This ensures the freedom to make all configurations, including the choice of the operating system, according to your own ideas. Dedicated servers are particularly suitable for more complex web projects that involve predictable resource requirements. This hosting model can be found in ambitious developer projects, large online shops and extensive software-as-a-service offers. Since with correct administration no one else except the host and the tenant can access the server, Dedicated servers offer a security advantage. Since a dedicated server is an independent physical machine, expansion of the server resources is only possible to a limited extent. If the web project grows beyond the maximum performance, there is usually only a move to a more powerful server.