What are important components of the project proposal

What distinguishes a good project proposal?

An example: planting trees with Wikiwoods

In 2010, with my support, the Wikiwoods initiative successfully applied for funding from the EU YOUTH IN ACTION program. This proposal is well suited to illustrate the three aspects mentioned.

Wikiwoods is a group of young people who meet online to plant trees in the forest. Because trees store carbon dioxide, forest reforestation is one way to combat climate change. In its planting campaigns, the initiative cooperates with forest offices or nature conservation associations. Preserving biodiversity and (re) establishing near-natural forest areas are basic principles of the Wikiwoods philosophy.

Those who want to “plant” simply come to the meeting points that are published on the Internet or communicated by e-mail. Membership is not required. Wikiwoods offers people the opportunity to get involved in an uncomplicated way. The planting campaigns and the associated excursions enable volunteers to “experience nature” and learn how the forest ecosystem works. Thus, the activities particularly serve environmental education. At the same time, it's about having fun and socializing. Although the initiative was only organized as a loose association of young people until 2010, the Wikiwoods activists had already planted 54,000 trees with around 700 volunteers in three years.

The idea of ​​the Wikiwoods initiative was well suited to an application: On the one hand, it is "catchy". H. it "gets stuck". Even if you forget the details in a few days, you will remember that young people meet up in the forest over the Internet to plant trees. The appraisers probably felt the same way. I was not aware of any project that worked in this unique way. In this respect, it was easy to work out what was special, that is, the unique selling point of the Wikiwoods initiative.

The connection between online communication and the concrete activity of planting trees is original (Wikiwoods is made up of "wiki", an Internet format, and "woods"). The initiative is also characterized by the fact that it is an easily accessible offer of volunteer work. Volunteers can get involved in an uncomplicated and flexible manner without having to enter into memberships or deal with the more formal aspects of association work. Because of this combination of properties, we were able to present the project as innovative.

The catchy and well thought-out concept made it easier to weave a common thread into the application. In addition, the United Nations had declared 2011 the International Year of Forests, which could be elegantly linked to the topic of the application: Wikiwoods set itself the goal of using the requested funding to carry out a total of 10 new planting campaigns with 400 volunteers in 2011 to plant a total of 20,000 trees.

The Wikiwoods example shows that it is not that difficult to write a convincing project proposal when you have a good idea.