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Vegetable chips - that's why you shouldn't snack on them

They laugh at you with their colorful packaging, the equally colorful content and the special appearance - Vegetable chips have become an indispensable part of supermarkets, delis and even discounters. In case you don't buy them because you like the taste of beetroot, sweet potatoes, parsnips & Co., but think, go with the vegetable chips healthier choice then unfortunately we have to disappoint you. Because even if they sound healthy, ultimately vegetable chips are too just a fried snack.

The fact is (and a look at the nutritional table reveals that): Whether fried parsnips, carrots or potatoes - with all chips it moves Nutritional content per 100 g around 480 to 560 kcal. Also at Fat content Vegetable chips are not a lightweight: it is not uncommon for this proportion to be 37 g per 100 g pack. But why do you still - at least first - reach for vegetable chips and not the classic potato chips? Potatoes did not have a good image for a long time and they are still said to they make you fat. In addition, it says on the packaging of the new chips that they are from vegetables exist, they still do vegan, lactose and gluten free are (just like traditional potato chips!) That it is fried vegetables and sweet potatoes in their unprocessed state even more carbohydrates and calories than the conventional potato, industry and marketing experts quickly fall under the table. Another risk: There is a chance that you will consume more vegetable chips than you do with potato chips. You already have the latter on your "only snack in moderation" list and you know that they are not particularly good for you.

But vegetable chips aren't healthier anyway, as they are Vitamins contain? Again, the answer is not much more satisfactory. Lots of sugar, salt and fat, just in terms of things Fiber if vegetable chips are in front - they have up to 13 g fiber, while potato chips only have 5 g fiber (per 100 g).

So should you forego vegetable chips altogether in the future? If you like the vegetable chips better, if you like the mix and consistency, keep shopping for them. But if you just love to eat potato chips and vegetable chips for that smaller ones, (possibly healthier) evil hold, you are unfortunately wrong. And cheaper are the good old potato chips too.