Why was Luke Skywalker hiding

Star Wars: Why Luke Skywalker was never allowed to fall in love & take a wife

While Luke Skywalker was allowed to love Mara Jade in the Expanded Universe, the Jedi Knight in the new canon does not seem to be granted such luck. Even in Episode 8: The Last Jedi neither a better half nor a legacy of the Skywalkers name is mentioned.

Thanks to the latest Starwars-Marvel Comics finally lets us know why Luke could never fall in love and take a wife: Luke is just too obsessed with being a hero and can't take the time to worry about anyone else. output #58 has been available since December 5th.

Compulsory leave for the rebel alliance

In the course of the Hope Dies chapter, Luke, Leia and Han stranded on the isolated moon Hubin. This is populated by a group of former mercenaries who hide and hide from the rest of the galaxy. The three members of the rebel alliance are accepted there by the Markina clan: Its leader is the son of a former Jedi who turned away from the order for the sake of love.

While Han Solo enjoys his free time and Leia Organa makes plans, Luke cannot switch off and is obsessed with the evil the Galactic Empire can do in their presence. At the same time, Tula - the daughter of Markina leader Thane - takes a liking to Luke.

Luke Skywalker has no time for love

Tula and Luke get closer while the Jedi Knight is secretly building a transmitter that would alert the allies of the Rebel Alliance to Hubin. With this, however, Luke would destroy the isolation and idyll of the lunar inhabitants forever - and inevitably put them in danger.

This is exactly what Tula warns Luke, who can understand his feelings, but not as naive and hot-headed as he is. But instead of spending six months in peace with Tula until a supply ship could pick him up, Han and Leia, Luke doesn't listen to them and activates the transmitter.

With this, Luke not only risks the peace and survival of the Markina clan, but also the chance to find some happiness in togetherness: While Tula opens up to him, Luke can only think of Darth Vader and the Empire. So Anakin Skywalker's son never had time for another person in his life - and will remain in that until his death Episode 8: The Last Jedi probably never have.

Luke Skywalker will always be the Jedi on whose shoulders the fate of the galaxy rests.

The most important thing about the Star Wars comics from marvel

The comics are owned by Marvel officially to the new Starwars-Canon. So that becomes war of stars-Universe expanded with numerous details, information and background stories:

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