Milk contains gluten

Plant-based drinks that are guaranteed to be gluten-free

Plant-based drinks that are guaranteed to be gluten-free: milk alternatives that are also suitable for a gluten-free diet

Those who eat gluten-free should avoid a large number of types of grain. While some people consciously choose to do so, others suffer from gluten intolerance, known as celiac disease. Important to know for everyone who wants to eat gluten-free: Not all grains from which plant-based milk alternatives are made are gluten-free. For example, spelled and oats are not gluten-free. On the other hand, the varieties made from rice, soy, buckwheat and millet are definitely gluten-free. Nobody has to look far at Natumi, because you can clearly see whether a plant-based drink from Natumi is gluten-free. There is a clear label directly on the packaging: gluten-free!

Large selection of gluten-free plant-based drinks made from rice

Rice products are a popular food for people on a gluten-free diet. Because: The small grains are guaranteed gluten-free and hypoallergenic too. So they are easily digestible, both for allergy sufferers and people with gluten intolerance. All Natumi plant-based drinks made from rice are therefore also gluten-free. And fans of plant-based milk alternatives will also find a large selection here: from the tastefully neutral Rice Natural and Rice Calcium Drinks, which are just as suitable for pure enjoyment as they are for cooking and baking, to the sweet rice, vanilla, the exotic rice, coconut with a fancy black rice drink. And anyone looking for a lactose- and gluten-free cream alternative will be happy to use rice cuisine - ideal for baking or cooking!

Almond, buckwheat, millet and soy - gluten-free and something for every taste

Almonds are naturally gluten-free, which is why the unsweetened Natumi almond drink is ideal for everyone who wants or has to do without gluten. This also applies to millet; the oldest grain in the world is experiencing a real comeback these days! Good for people with gluten intolerance, as it naturally does without the gluten. This is why Natumi Natural Millet can also look forward to the “gluten-free” seal. The same goes for Buckwheat Natural, because buckwheat is actually not a grain, but a knotweed plant - and therefore gluten-free too! And all Natumi products with soy - the Soy Natural, Soy Calcium and the Cresoy Soy cooking cream - easily fit into the gluten-free menu!

Oats - the special case among the types of grain

Whether or not oats are gluten-free depends on the cultivation! It actually does not contain the gluten, but oats are often grown in fields or harvested with machines that have previously come into contact with cereals containing gluten. This is why oats are “loaded” with gluten during cultivation and processing and are not always suitable for a gluten-free diet. The oats are only gluten-free if they have been grown in a separate growing area and harvested and processed using special machines. Natumi relies on such cultivation for its gluten-free plant drink, oat. The oats grow in a specially protected, secured area. This prevents contamination from cereals containing gluten. And of course our vegan, gluten-free oat drink is subject to additional, special controls. Therefore, this drink is the only oat drink from Natumi that can be called gluten-free.