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WhatsApp Status: New function is live in Germany

Update from February 22, 2017:

Two days ago we told you that the WhatsApp status was being completely revised. The new feature has actually arrived in Germany since yesterday evening, although the rollout is still ongoing - so don't be surprised if you can't find anything on your smartphone yet.

Is it a great success now? To be honest: In times when Snapchat is becoming the big thing, even though so many of the long-time internet users have no use for the app, I don't like to make such a prognosis. But I can at least tell you how much I personally think of it - pretty much nothing at all. It is best to try out for yourself what you think of the function, maybe you will have more fun submitting a new status every day or looking at the status updates of the contacts.

As already explained in the original article, in addition to a status in text form, you can now also send a photo or a video to inform your contacts about your sensitivities. If you like, you can spice up your pictures with stickers, doodles or text and the result can then be viewed by the recipient in the new status tab of the app.

There you could previously see all your contacts in alphabetical order with the respective status message, this overview is no longer there (in the chat tab you can find all contacts if you tap on the icon next to the magnifying glass with which you start a new chat can). For the status reports, there is the said tab, in which you can first see your own current status at the top, then below the unread and then finally the read updates of your friends. Logically, you can also initiate your next status report directly from here, but you can also go to the settings or the screen for status data protection. In the latter you decide who can see your messages - the options are available

  • my contacts
  • My contacts except ...
  • Just share with ...

If you look at the status messages of others, you can also reply there directly - but this answer then appears normally in the chat with that person. As already mentioned, your message disappears after 24 hours. I'm not quite sure yet how useful the automatic removal of status messages is.

At the moment I generally see very little added value in this function, WhatsApp itself should probably strive through the 24-hour status updates that as many users as possible update their status at least once a day and thus ensure that the app is used even more intensively. For me, the function rather failed the first time I tested it - at least at the moment I don't need a platform on which I can tell you about my already not very exciting activities;) But as I said: just try it out yourself and tell us what you think of it - I'll probably leave it to my first status message and it will disappear into data nirvana in a few hours.

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Original article from February 20, 2017:

Do you actually use the status function on WhatsApp? If you were there when WhatsApp started eight years ago, the status information was the only feature that you could use - it was only months later that the message function, which is so popular today, was introduced. A blog post from WhatsApp today reminds of those childhood days of the popular messenger. This is what it looked like then:

Over the years, WhatsApp has given us the opportunity to write text-based status messages and the makers have always thought about how this feature could be made smarter. For the eighth birthday, the function is being completely overhauled and presented in a completely new way.

The rollout of this function is to take place immediately, with which you are no longer limited to entering text, but can also send photos and videos to your contacts. WhatsApp celebrates its eighth birthday on the 24th and this new / old feature is practically the gift of the Facebook company to its users.

The status messages that you send to your people are also encrypted from end to end, like the messages. With this change, WhatsApp is apparently trying to compete with competitors like Snapchat in terms of functionality. The fact that these status messages automatically disappear after 24 hours is a reminder of this.


Personally, this feature doesn't appeal to me too much, but who knows: Maybe that will change once the function is there and can be used. In any case, I'll try it out and I'm curious to see how my contacts react to the fact that, in addition to Facebook, I also piss them off with my trifles on WhatsApp. ;)

Source: WhatsApp via Caschy's blog