Why do they call them B-films

Screen printing plates screen / film in the cut

The Screen printing plates (screen / film) have a non-slip side (sieve side) and a smooth side (film side). Screen printing plates are coated with phenolic resin and consist of at least five layers of veneer. This makes the screen printing plates very weather-resistant and ideal for outdoor use. The material is multiplex panels made of different types of wood, such as birch, beech, maple or spruce. The blanks are pressed together with glue and glued against each other.
Possible areas of application are small components of any kind, use in your horse transporters or in stage construction. When working on edges, you can choose between sawing and milling. In order to subsequently prevent moisture from penetrating the cut surfaces, they must be sealed afterwards.

Screen / film screen printing plates are waterproof & dimensionally stable wooden plates

We can manufacture the high-quality screen printing plates individually according to your ideas. It is also possible to mill holes or cutouts in the blanks. This saves you time and work during processing, because we take over this step. This is ideal for your sockets or for our modern fixings. To avoid injuries, we recommend deburring the blanks.


  • Screen printing plate with one non-slip side (screen side)
  • In different strengths
  • Also suited for outdoor usage
  • dimensionally stable
  • water resistant
  • weatherproof

Configure screen printing plates screen / film cheaply online

The screen printing plates (screen / film) are available from a plate thickness of 12 millimeters and a maximum thickness of 21 millimeters. Special shapes are precisely milled by our modern CNC machines. The screen printing plates remain dimensionally stable for many years.

We also manufacture small quantities precisely according to your requirements. However, with our volume discount you save yourself a lot. This means that the more you order, the cheaper each individual cut becomes. The quantity discount is displayed for each cut in the configurator after it has been entered. You also have the option of purchasing suitable fastenings. Our assortment ranges from spacers for your blanks to different high-quality fixings and assembly adhesives. If you order the high-quality cut directly with the appropriate fastenings, you save the shipping costs that would be incurred if you placed another order.

Screen printing plates as a base plate for trailers

with a non-slip (sieve side) and a smooth (film side) are ideal as Base plate for your trailerThe screen printing plates are waterproof and easy to process, the cut edges and holes should be sealed with a barrier coat after processing, this protects the plates against moisture in the long term. Screen printing plates with screen side have a structured anti-slip surface. The plates are therefore ideal for transport, horse or cattle trailers and thus actively support safety during transport.

Screen printing plates as stairs

Screen printing plates with screen / film coating are also ideal for stair construction in commercial areas, attics or for garage stairs. Furthermore, screen printing plates are also often used for the construction of the hide in the hunting area, here not only the stairs but also the floor of the hide are made from the plates. The non-slip screen side is of course used as the top side in stair construction and thus helps to prevent falls.