Does the scorpion have the darkest personality

Scorpio zodiac sign: characteristics of man and woman

The Scorpio is a very passionate and combative person who generally does not compromise and never does things by halves. He wants to fathom and illuminate everything down to the smallest detail and also uncover the darkest secret. In doing so, he really does not shy away from anything, which sometimes makes him an uncomfortable contemporary. Diplomacy is therefore definitely not one of his strengths, because he never holds back with his comments and remarks. He has no understanding for dishonesty and reticence and whoever presents himself to him in this way falls immediately out of favor with him.

The Scorpio and his personality

Even if people with the zodiac sign Scorpio appear a bit cold on the outside, you can be sure that they have a very profound and emotionally intensive inner life. In fact, passion and emotion shape a Scorpio's whole life, but they express their feelings in their own very special way. In addition, a Scorpio is very secretive and can keep secrets entrusted to him well to himself. Scorpios approach all tasks very energetically and fearlessly and thus master all challenges with flying colors. They are strong, passionate people who lead the way in all situations and with these skills are born leaders. The zodiac sign Scorpio is influenced by the planet Pluto. This very slowly rotating planet gives the Scorpio the strength and endurance typical for him and a deep understanding of the universe and life. Scorpios can also be very opaque, unforgiving and impatient and therefore you should never lie to them or provoke them unnecessarily, because once you mistrust a person, it will probably always stay that way. Scorpios therefore have to learn that people have different personality traits and that they cannot be categorized only into good and bad or black and white.

The Scorpio with its strengths and weaknesses

A person with the zodiac sign Scorpio is very profound and is constantly looking for a higher truth in life. He is passionate and strong-willed and pursues his ideals with an almost fanatical zeal. With its mysterious and strong charisma, it is easy for the Scorpio to cast a spell over others. Selfishness is alien to him and he usually has good self-control that only lets him down if he is being acted on badly or if he is too enthusiastic about something. A person born under the sign Scorpio appears cool and cruel to other people in certain situations, whereby this supposed cruelty is usually not expressed physically, but should be understood as a verbal expression of his desperate search for truthfulness and depth. The Scorpio tends to be vindictive and is difficult to forgive after an argument, as he cannot stand it when his ideals are questioned or criticized.

The Scorpio in friendship and love

Under the impenetrable shell of the Scorpio there is an abundance of emotions and secrets to discover, which is a real life task for a partner, because he will always discover new, surprising sides in this unfathomable person. Scorpio is the most sensual and passionate sign the zodiac has to offer. For him, intimacy and foreplay already begin outside of the bedroom, and once the Scorpio has gained confidence in a partner, he is boundlessly loyal and faithful to him until death. If you enjoy the trust of Scorpio, you should not treat it lightly. People with the zodiac sign Scorpio are very jealous and whoever has betrayed them will withdraw their trust forever, which is why Scorpios place great value on honesty when choosing a partner. Also, your ideal partner must be intelligent and long-suffering enough to tolerate the idiosyncrasies of this intricate watermark. The Scorpio has a lot of sense of family and is usually also the undisputed and dominant head of the family. The Scorpio also wants his friends to be fair and honest and there too he feels very comfortable in an intellectual environment.

This is how the Scorpio acts and feels in everyday life

A person with the zodiac sign Scorpio is shaped by his strong will. He lives in a world of spiritual images, ideas and ideals, on which he fixes himself so that he is constantly tempted to adapt reality to his ideas instead of handling it the other way round. He is also more willing to go through fire for his ideas than to give them up again. For what is important to him, the Scorpio also accepts suffering, even if there may be no need for it. With the same harshness with which he can act against his own sensations and feelings, he can of course also act against anyone else. His cynicism is feared and he instinctively always knows exactly where the vulnerable point of his opponent is in order to aim precisely there with his deadly sting. Anyone who has a Scorpio as an enemy knows that this is no fun.

This is what makes the Scorpio zodiac sign so valuable

A person with the zodiac sign Scorpio searches under the surface for the things that are not right and actually illuminates every dark corner. In the process, he pulls things into the light of day that most people prefer to look the other way or turn up their noses at. Basically, people with the zodiac sign Scorpio have the ability to help others through crises with their strength and relentlessness and thus to exert a healing influence on them. Precisely because they so consistently and apparently brutally uncover everything that makes them sick, they open the door to a more healing world for themselves and others.