What happens on monday

It will go up in the short term and then we will certainly see the 6900, later maybe even the 6700. The Dax has just risen steeply over the past 2 years, and we don't need to talk about the Dow (despite the high risk of inflation and the mortgage problem in the US, the economic figures in the US have not been particularly good in the last few months), the last correction In February there wasn't actually any, so it went straight back upstairs. I am sure that in the next 15 days we will see the 6900 mark or at least the 7100 mark.

The big banks had known the problem with the credit market for a long time, they just waited and went out with their papers. The big banks are now simply waiting, if not longer, for cheap stocks and accordingly spreading bad rumors into the market. It's amazing that today (at the weekend) four big banks admit that they are more involved in the mortgage business than initially believed (grins) and then four at once. It's like 4 burglars trying to break into a house in four different places to make as much noise as possible.
In my opinion, the further course of events will now be decided by the hedge funds (see last correction). It is rather stupid that nobody knows exactly how much market capacity these funds will actually generate. The stock market is now simply becoming the plaything of these hedge funds again.

I can only advise everyone to go short with little leverage or to leave the market entirely, everything else is a gamble. As I said, it can be that the market moves slightly sideways or slightly upwards, but then it will certainly go further down.