Why does everyone go to SXSW


We start our day with breakfast together, where everyone in the group draws their first conclusion.

What were the key take-aways, what were the highlights?

Everyone is excited about the experience of SXSW, but especially about having it in a format with a group, a group that has become a real team in the last few days. Who swarmed out in the team to explore the SXSW. Discussed, assessed, assessed in the team and had a lot of fun in the team.

In terms of content, everyone agrees, regardless of whether what they have heard or experienced is seen as confirmation that they are on the right path, or as an incentive to push forward transformation even more intensively: Digitization has seriously changed our lives in the last two decades. And these changes will continue, maybe change us and our society even more profoundly than before.

In the statements of the participants, what has noticeably drawn through the entire SXSW manifests itself: the euphoria and the intoxication of one's own possibilities in the context of digitization have been supplemented by a thoughtfulness, a skepticism, an unspoken question: where will it be, where could that still lead? And how do we ensure that developments go in a positive direction for us as people?

We're off again. Visit companies and installations that we have not yet seen, hear exciting lectures again. Even if in between it feels a bit like more water is being poured into a full glass, the last few days have been so intense and rich.

The official part of our trip comes to a close with a final dinner together. Unofficially, however, it continues. In the hotel, all participants get together again in one round and draw the conclusion: It was unbelievable, you have to have experienced the SXSW, again with this team at any time, from the participants to the organization - a perfect learning journey.

At this point there is a personal conclusion with a little space and time to process the multitude of impressions in the next few days. Until then.

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